braun vs phillips


By sheer mistake, i was lucky enough to be able to try the two epilators mentioned above.
conclusion: for the face, the braun was excellent- the two bumpy wires seemed to protect the face.the epilator seemed gentle and quieter.
arms and legs: the phillips was more successful and seemed to provide closer contact with the skin surface. the massaging head worked better at reducing the pain.
I haven’t tried the phillips on the face yet…the regrowth seems to be slower than before! All in all I am very happy with my epilators. I wouldn’t give them away even if you paid me!!


Yay! Some consumers definitely like it on the face, but it’s not for everyone-- those considering it should read some of the threads first.


Hey plumzee, could you please tell me if the phillips epilator is quieter than the brown?
I have a brown silk epil 2170 and it’s somehow noisy when its operated. What model is the phillips epilator you have ?