Braun Silk-epil is great!

I have used a Braun Silk-epil for five years on my legs and arms, and I have been very pleased. It’s especially useful for the arms.

Legs take a little bit of limberness to to the backs, and it’s really important to stretch the skin as you use it around elbows and knees (especially the undersides). These things can pinch if you aren’t careful to stretch the skin tight.

I use it on my stomach, too, but I can see how some might find this a little too uncomfortable.

I may be in the market for a new device, since my cat chewed the cord on the one I have. I’ll almost defintiely get another Braun device. I think their shavers and epilators are really first rate. As always, this is my opinion, and I do not have a financial interest in Braun or any other hair removal company.

hey, will the epilator get the baby-fine hairs as well as the others? because i have those type hairs all over and was just needing to know

That’s not its strong suit, but it can usually get longer ones OK (at least 1/4 th inch long).

how does it compare to the original epilady?

I have an old epilady, with the exposed wire coils. It takes a long time to do my legs, and I would never consider using it on my bikini or private areas. Could the braun silk epil be used in these areas? Is it faster than the old-fashioned epiladys? I usualy do a “playboy” shave, so there are longer hairs in the area. Should I trim these first? The razor burn is realy starting to bug me, so I am seeking an alternative.
thank. :blush:

My experience with epilators (different brand from the one you mention) - was that they would get “stuck” on coarse hairs, and not pull them. They would skip over hairs that were too small and thin, as though they weren’t there. And they couldn’t handle stubble or short hair at all. I never minded the pain … but the lack of effectiveness really bugged me! I could sit there with an epilator for an hour, and come away with barely any progress. I don’t understand why they can’t get stubbly hairs - I’ve gotten so good with tweezers that I can pull stubble myself believe it or not! But the epilator can’t.

Is the one you mention more effective than what I’ve described above?

Thge newer ones are better than the old coil type sy mentioned; however, they are not really good at getting wispy hairs or hairs that are too short. They can also break hairs off just at or below the surface sometimes, rather than removing the entire hair root and all.

At the risk of sounding like I work for them, has anyone tried the Emjoi rotary tweezers? Their latest model is supposed to get those baby fine hairs and hairs as short as .020 inches. I’d like to find out if these are effective and safe on EXTREMLEY sensitive areas.

I just got a Braun Silk-Epil Eversoft easy start, and it’s great! I had an old Epilady, which I was able to bear to use all of 60 seconds at a time, I think. With the easy start head on the Braun, the pain is barely anything at all. It comes with little ice packs to use if you need them, too. I was really hoping this Braun Epilator would work, and it really did, and on really short, stubbly hair, and fine hair, too! I shaved my legs two days ago, and this thing is ripping out hairs that are that short. (Yes, my hair does grow fast, but I’m not a wookiee or anything). I also have about half my hair blonde and the other half dark (for some odd reason), and the Braun got them all.

I’m going to knock back a couple beers before I do any other area besides my legs, though. :smile:

I have indeed tried Emjoi’s rotary tweezers. On the legs and arms, it’s great… But my complaint about it is that it doesn’t TOTALLY pull of all the hairs on my body (particularly the bikini line!). It gets pretty frustrating after a while. I mean it’s great in a sense that you really don’t have to do hair removal till later (My hair grows VERY FAST though. It only takes me 3 days to get thicker hair again even on an epilator :frowning: )…

I’m willing to try another brand. I went to the Braun site, but I can’t seem to figure out how to order the “Braun Silk-epil” thing that everyone’s raving about. any place I can get it?

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I checked out the Braun and found two different types. One’s called Supersoft and one was called Eversoft. Which one is it that you like?

I like the Eversoft Easy Start. I’ve never tried the Supersoft, but the Eversoft has the easy start head. Look up the product specs on <>. The Eversoft is newer, so I assumed that maybe they had made some sort of advances over the Supersoft.

About leftover hairs, especially a couple days later- This happens to me even with waxing. With the epilator, I was worried that maybe the hairs were breaking off instead of getting yanked out. I checked the bottoms for root balls, and most fo the hairs to have the roots on them. I think some hairs are just really fine, and it takes an extra pass with the epilator to get them. It’s working that way for me. I’m resigned to having to take tweezers to a few stubborn ones. I am thinking the upkeep on this epilator business is going to be about once a week, just making a pass over the legs to get them as they grow out.

I have also found that the pain is MUCH less if you’re of legal drinking age. Just one drink is really enough to make it bearable, especially with the ice pack.

Hi! I have one of those, too! I have a comment: yes, it’s painful, BUT I tried it again after waxing my legs for a while, and found it less so…guess it was desensitized. My own experience, and I have no ties to the company other than I brought the product.

I have a braun and paid a lot for it but now I’m wondering why I did because of the ingrowns and thereafter the large red bumps it leaves which are painful and turn into marks. How do I avoid this? I hear oil is good straight away.

Epilating is kind of harsh on the skin… You really need to take a lot of care! Maybe the links in my signature will help.

Good luck.