Braun Silk-Epil 2570/2550


I saw this epilator on the Braun website, it has a small attachment for epilating underarm/bikini area. It’s different than the one that has the shaver attachment. I did a search and couldn’t find any for sale in the U.S., just a couple stores in Australia & I don’t know if they would ship to the U.S. Does anyone know if they make this version for use in the U.S. at all? It’s called “Braun Silk-Epil EverSoft Body Epilation 2570/2550”.


I saw that in a catalog that I got in the mail. It may be on their site

I have never used an epilator so I can’t speculate on its effectiveness.



I can’t find a US dealer, either. I’d write to the Aussies about international shipping if you’re dead set on that model.


Thanks for the responses! That link doesn’t go to a store, it goes to some page that says the domain name was just registered? So I guess it’s new.
I don’t know if the electricity is the same in Australia as in U.S. so an Australian model might not work here without an adaptor. I’ll probably just get the regular epilator.


At the Eversoft model overview page, I clicked on the left side for details on that attachment.

"Additional underarm epilation head

Underarm Epilation Head: Small epilation head with fewer tweezers specially designed for ...  
... underarms and bikini line. For a gentle and efficient hair removal from the root in these sensitive areas. "

I believe this is a gimmick or “smart marketing” to coax you into buying something “enhanced”. This attachment is basically what it describe. A smaller epliation head with fewer tweezers, nothing more.