braun eversoft


I am a male from india and I have some queries
abt braun eversoft as braun products are very costly here and we don’t have any other epillatory products available in india.

My girlfriend would like to use eversoft.

  1. she would like to use on her legs and thigh.
    as well as back and chest. Is it advisible to use it on these areas?

  2. How to prevent ingrown hairs?

  3. What are the disadvantages of eversoft?


  1. Legs, back, and thighs, definitely. Chest may be a problem (pain and more sensitive skin)

  2. Exfoliation with each shower, plus an exfoliating moisturizer with alpha-hydroxy acid

  3. You can read the pros and cons of rotary epilators here.


Thanks for the info

some more questions

  1. I guess Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin, but how does that prevent in-grown hairs?

  2. What is the best way to remove the read skin bumps which you might get after using epillator?

  3. If I pour hot water on the skin and immediately use an epillator then will that be prevent red bumps, and skin irritation?
    Also will this damage the equipment?

  4. I have no idea of Exfoliation, how to do it and what are the recommendations?

  5. Does Exfoliation cause any damage to skin, like changing the skin color?

  1. Dead skin can keep hairs from pushing through to the skin’s surface. It’s like aerating a garden.

  2. Some find using 100% aloe gel, witch hazel, or tend skin and reduce the time it takes for the bumps to go away.

  3. No. Yes.

  4. Use a product with alpha-hydroxy acid. Also use a face or body scrub with a loofah or other mildly abrasive applicator.

  5. It can if you overdo it.


Thanks for the reply.

I have one last question which I forgot to ask yesterday, and I am sorry for that.

It is known that shaving hair on the body increases the number of hair on the body and also makes the existing hair very rough and thick.

Does epillating have these disadvantages?
Does epillating give rise to more number of hair?


Shaving has been shown under controlled clinical conditions to have no effect on hair growth rates or changes in the numbers of hairs.

Epilation has not been studied as carefully. While there may be minor increases or decreases in the amount of hair from epilation, it’s more likely to be caused by other things such as gradual hormonal changes as we age, etc.