braun eversoft vs philips satine ice

Which one is a better epillator?
eversoft or satine ice?

Personally, I like the Braun products a little better. I have one that’s lasted for years.

I have a Braun Easy Start Epilator. I was faithfully using that every week as maintenance, and it seemed pretty good. Then, I had to have emergency surgery and didn’t use it for about 6 weeks. All of my hair grew back in and I didn’t want to go through the “starting up” procedure again, because it is so much more painful than just regular maintenance.

Well, I was looking on, and saw a Phillips Satin Ice for $30. I figured I’d just try it out.

I was surprised! I love the Satin Ice! It hurts less than the “Easy Start” head of the Braun. It leaves almost NO stray hairs, wherease the Braun DID leave quite a few stray hairs. I had to go over the same spot many times with the Braun, while the Satin Ice took all the hairs off with one pass and STILL did not cause the pain of the Braun “Easy Start”.

The Satin Ice’s frozen thingy is just a gimmick, but it does help you hold the epilator at the correct angle. I use the frozen cooling pads that came with my Braun “Easy Start”. They numb the skin a lot better than the Satin Ice. You can buy those in the First Aid section of any drug store though.

Much to the contrary of what I previously thought, I recommend the Satin Ice! :smile: Check on for a cheap price right now, too.

great report, stubby! :relaxed:

I just wanted to add that I bought the Satin Ice just over a week ago, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised. It gets almost all the hairs, and I’ve had no problems with tugging or having to go over the same spot more than once. I agree about the ice gadget being a gimmick - but really the epilator was almost painless for me, so I wasnt bothered that it didnt really do much.

I just went to check for this at, and it’s only 19.99. I’m thinking of maybe getting it. I have one of the emjoi epilators, but it’s always been too painful and not effective enough for me to use. Maybe I’ll try the Satin Ice.

Glad to hear you like it MtngGirl, and thanks for the tip on prices, kevs!

i had a VERY different experience with the satin ice! i thought i was tough from the years of waxing but WOW!!! PAIN! i would rather get a brazilian wax without emla than try to epilate my legs again with the satin ice! i did them last night and right now my legs have some red spots and feel bruised…they don’t look bruised but touch is painful like a bruise.
now even though it says for legs only, i tried it on my stomach. mysteriously, that hurt less than my legs. it also did a better job getting up the thinner hair on my abdomen! wheras it left MANY strays on my legs.
i also tried it on my arms, and it just broke off the hairs and left me with nasty stubble.
i guess maybe it was worth the 20 bucks for the removal of the tummy hair, but overall i am very disappointed.

I just got my Philips Satin Ice today. This was my very first time epilating, and it wasn’t quite as painful as I expected. The area I had the most success on was some fine hairs on my lower back. It’s completely hairless now and I’m excited for bathing suit season! There aren’t even any red bumps.

I was more disapointed with my legs, but I’m going to try getting the technique down better. I am wondering, does it matter if you epilate against or with the direction of hair? And what is the ideal hair length? I had a lot of hairs left behind and it was painful so I stopped early, but I’d like to try again. :smile:

Sorry to hear you didn’t like it, MissB. There’s not much rhyme or reson to who does and doesn’t, though some people really hate the drawn-out aspect of epilators vs. waxing. It’s like how some people pull Band-Aids off fast, and others like to do it slowly.

Kinber, the rotating head should be spinning toward the hair. So if your leg hair grows downward, the epilator head should spin upward. it grips the hairs better. Just be sure to hold it at 90 degrees, too.