Braun Eversoft or Philips Satin Ice ?

Hi there
I was wondering if anyone has tried the Braun Eversoft (ee2270) or Philips Satin Ice (HP 6453)

I’m thinking of buying my first epilator but I’m not to sure which brand to go for … do u have any advise on which to get ?

Generally which is better and more effective ?

Are they quite loud ?

Thanks for any tips :smile:

Well I went for the bargain and got the Philips Satin Ice, in fact just got thru usin, it is very, very, very painful…I’m still nervous to try on entire chest and ab area. It does works very effectively though, I used on my neckline and it seems very smooth and hairless, it does however, have difficulty gettin the little hairs w/o repeated tries, oh and the sound well…it sounds like a small jet rocket, haha, no but it is a quite loud buzz when it goes kinda of like a hair trimmer x3. My Satin Ice cost about somewhere around $26, but I got ripped you can get them cheaper than that. People on this site said check out, I do believe someone correct me if I’m wrong and I went there and I think they had been raised in price to around $21, but $2 s&h or so, can’t beat that. Hope this helps…

Thanks for the reply … but I’m in the UK the cheapest I’ve seen it is for £47 !!! :frowning:

Anyway I think I’ve swaying towards getting the philips one but if anyone else has a preference please let me know. Thanks Hoping to buy one in the next couple of days :smile:

I have the satin ice…it gets less painful with time but I am not a man and am used to waxing in those areas. I haven’t found the “ice” feature to be of any use though. It seems more a pain to me than anything.