brand new to this forum. already had ipl treatment

i am brand new to this forum and i am thankful for the free-flow of information it provides.

about ten days ago, i had my first epilight (ipl) treatment on my forearms. i have light skin, dark brown wavy hair, and i avoided sunlight like the plague. my treatment took about two hours and it was slightly uncomfortable, but well worth it (from my point of view). most of the hair on my forearms has shed, but some of it is still there and it looks like it’s growing. i don’t want to shave it off because i want to be sure if it falls out from the treatment. i have shaved before and my hair grows much faster than this, so i know the treatment has done something, either slowed the growth, or damaged the follicle.

is there anything i can do to speed up the shedding process? i was told it will probably be 2-3 weeks before it’s completely shed, but i’ve already seen significant shedding at one week now. if my results are good, i will have my legs done, too.

Please, you take a look at / and
It can be you find useful information.

Francisca Rodriguez Ubeda