Bragging Rights!

Not to BRAG or anything, but here are some photos of clients done by Dee, Mike and Josefa! The first guy (obviously) was completed by Dee Dee, the middle guy by me (I got a little confused as usual) … and the last guy was done by Jossie after both client and therapist had enjoyed a little “Sangria.” It’s just what we do!

Fabulous work, and great way to brighten a dull day. I think Dee gets my vote on this one…

I like that he grew a moustache too :wink:

There are a bunch of similar photos that were sent to me today. The subtle communication in these photos is the healthy attitude of the guys having fun with their “hair problems.” Yep, some of the photos were the back, the butt and other (OMG) areas.

I like these guys. I like that hair is not “destroying their lives” or making it impossible for them to function. There is a lesson to be learned from these hairy dudes. Nearly all problems in life have a solution. Luckily hair removal has a solution, a permanent one: electrolysis.

If a few unwanted hairs are destroying you emotionally, think about that guy on the beach with a “top” shaved into his chest … right out in public with a big smile on his face.

Whatever you’ve “got” … it’s really not that bad! Get the hair off and never look back.

Are you sure it was sangria and not a dry martini?

After the results I think I will limit my drinks to just mineral water. :wink:

Hair Tattoos are cool!

I think it is a chocolate martini, J.