botched up threading?!?! Any solution to my problem?

I am a 18yr old girl n I had dark, fine and long facial hair before. 2mths back i got my upper lip hair threaded cos i felt it was more visible than the rest of my face and i thot that since the hair is being pulled from the roots, it will not grow back thicker or darker. But, to my horror, the hair that grew back is so much more thicker and darker than before. im schoolin n its awfully embarassing to walk around like this. It has seriously affected my confidence. I juz want to use a paper bag to cover my face!! Im conscious of my upper lip hair all the time and im constantly checking the mirror to see if its bad under the lighting cos its really horrible under certain lightings (especailly during the day under sunlight…i cant go to the beach at daytime anymore!!) n pretty bad under the best possible lighting. And I turn down many meetings with friends cos Im too conscious about this… I know others experience this as well from other posts i have read… My term exams are coming up in a month and the only thing I can even think about is this. Its really affecting my studies!!!
The thing is i think since my hair was long, it was broken off rather than being pulled from the roots. Am I correct to think that? Also, I noticed that a week after the threading, I could see some of the hair growing back. I was told before that i should NEVER shave my face and the thing is now I have the effect of having shaved cos the hair was broken… except it was a painful one! Im now very afraid to ever go back to thread or wax cos it would grow back thicker n darker each time. And I was told that I looked horrible having threaded only my upper lip hair but not the other areas on my face. Also I heard(much too late) that removing hair from the roots will result in thicker re-growth as the roots are being stimulated each time or something like that. And some ppl experience a greenish shade to their skin from constant waxing or threading… Is it common?
Nw that its already 2mths, the hair is long again(im afraid it will continue to grow longer still!) n its very horrible to attend school like this. I want to try bleaching it but am afraid that im too dark to do so. Im an asian (indian) n id say im very tan(bt im considered fair by indian standards) in complexion. I juz wanna noe if theres anything i can do to make it appear lighter by a few shades. Would make-up help to hide the hair? If yes, what should I use?

My advice to you nysh is to seriously consider having electrolysis. Interviewing several electrologists and having sample treatments done on your Indian skin type is a good start. Go home and observe how you heal and if all is well, proceed with treatments. You will be fretting and focusing on your face for the rest of your life if you continue the threading thing. Bleaching and makeup?? A bag over your head?? Useless. Go for the thing that kills permanently, but go cautiously, and find a good practioner.

Shaving is a great temporary disguise and WILL NOT affect hair growth. It works wonderfully well in conjunction with electrolysis and will afford you much needed relief to your fragile self-esteem. Any method you do that disturbs the root of the hair (the part that is alive below the skin) will cause you much worry later when those smaller hairs gradually become bigger darker hairs from using temporary measures that worsen your problem.

If you shave, you are not messing with the blood supply, you are simply cutting off the part of the hair that is dead above the skin. Shaving is far superior to threading, bleaching, makeup or a bag over your head for temporary relief. Electrolysis will grant you permanent relief.

You as a consumer are obligated to learn what constitutes good electrolysis so that the final result leaves your skin intact and lovely. Read hairfacts and hairtell carefully if you decide to pursue electrolysis.

I know you are young and are in college, but if you can honestly try to pay for some treatments now and be fairly consistent, I think this will solve your embarrassment issues and you will be well on your way to curtail an unwanted hair problem while you are still young. That hair isn’t going to disappear magically. I would kindly nudge you to think about starting a long term plan that would keep you from running in circles for the rest of your life.