Botched forearms, laser hair

I had laser hair removal almost 2 years ago now on my forearms, I was alot more self concious at that time and rushed into it. I got worked over big time.
They didnt do any test patches and now I look back the technician seemed inexperienced, cut a long story short my forearms are fucked. Patchy hair everywhere, you can see lines of hair that did respond and others around it which has grown back, a total botched job.
I remember I had a LightSheer Diode Laser used
I dont know what to do, for the last 18 months I have been hoping most of the hair will just grow back and I will have something close to what I had before but it hasn’t the patchiness is readily visable and I just dont what to do, I feel so depressed and so concious of it. I feel concious wearing a fucking T-shirt of all things.
Its just it was bad enough before with the hair and now its even worse, little bits of hair have grown back but no where near enough to cover the patchiness, i just dont know what to do <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
Like too many cases I only go educated on laser hair removal after I got a botched job and I am just wondering, how permenant is permenant?

Are you a male or female? What skin type do you have? How many treatments did you have? What do you want to do next regarding your hair? Do you want to continue being depressed with patchy hair? Or do you want to try removing the hair again? Do you want to try laser again, but with a different laser, tech, etc.? Or would you like to try a more full proof method like electrolysis? Or would you like to try a temporary method like waxing or shaving? If you try waxing or shaving, then at least you won’t have the patchiness for a while and instead you’ll have temporary smooth hairless skin.


Firstly there is no need to use the “F” word here.

I had lightsheer laser on my hands and forearms also. The size of the contact area with the skin from the handpiece is very small. Therefore the coverage area is not going to be even, and some patchiness may result. Probably if you go over the area enough it should even out.

As the last poster asked, what exactly are your reasons for getting rid of your arm hair? In my case, I did not want my hands or arms to look like a man’s.