boston male

Hi all, I’ve lurked off and on here for a while and am now ready to take a leap into the hit-or-miss world of LHR. I’m hoping someone can refer a clinic or 2 in the Boston area that is of some repute. My goal is reduction on the chest and back, as I am now sick of constantly cleaning the tub of hundreds of curlies after every shower!! I swear, the regrowth of my hair is so great that somewhere in me must lie the elusive answer for balding men everywhere!

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey there Beached,

I go to a geat laser clinic in N Reading, the Andover Laser Clinic. The two girls who run it Stephanie and Deb are awesome very professional, the have been doing electrology for years and know alot about hair removal.

I did a lot of reasearch before I started and checked out 6 other clinics from Newton to Andover. I am on my 5th treatment back, arms, and shoulders and have been pleased with results so far.