Books, instructional on flash? Jossie, Michael ?

I have just read Michael Bono’s excellent book on Blend . Of course the reasons for blend and manual machines make complete sense to me however my concern is to use two foot pedals and two hands i will be unable to work on myself which is my present plan as i have no zappers here . Of course the main area i need work on is my face but thats not going to happen on my own so in the meantime i can check this out working on body hair although it all is quite thin and light hair so i understand in Michael’s book that this type of hair it is best to use blend as well.
I wonder how Jossie gets such excellent results using flash? Josie, do you use the three zap method Micheal described in the book? I would not attempt to try that as i am a total begginer, and working on myself it seems to risky to the skin. Are there any books or instructionals available on using flash? Can you make any suggestions?

Most books talk about all methods of treatment, not just one. Even the book you mentioned actually teaches what one would need to know to work in all modalities.

Opps, thanks James! I am away from home and so downloaded what i thought was the whole book on my iPad but realize now it is not the entire thing.
Still i have no idea how i can work on myself when having to hold the ground, use 2 foot pedals and count. Hmm guess it will come with practise?? Also the hair on my legs or arms is very thin so from what i read blend is suggested in that case too. I did buy a machine online though i have yet to see it, never mind figure put if it is in good working order! Nature of my life at this time is i am not in one place long enough to get into it. Ah well one step at a time as they say!

You don’t hold the ground, you use something like an arm band to hold it against your skin. The ground needs only be in contact with you to ground you. there is even an end that is plugged into the red wire that lets you use EKG tabs that stick on to you while you are working. At that point, you would only have to work the foot pedals. Add an auto-sensor and you don’t even have to use the foot pedals. :wink:

Yes Danika, I turn to all sorts of ways to achieve the highest kill rate with the least affectation possible. Multiple insertions technique, multiple pulses at different heights, up, down and up, etc. Anything to help me get the job in the shortest time possible without exposing the skin beyond what is strictly necessary. I uploaded a video for you, I think this shows the details of this “trhee zap” technique . I do not know if you are getting what you want in a book about flash, but if you accept a tip, it is easier and more effective if you divide the energy in small doses. A hug :slight_smile:

Mainly because of the perfection of her insertions. Working on Your own body does not exclude to work 2 handed, at least most of the time - even if You are using the autosensor mode - the electrode needs electrical contact to the body at an arbitrary position. It is easiest to sit on it during work. Do not use autosensor mode unless You are not able to make at least “reasonably good” and fast insertions. In “difficult” situations the pedal is usually safer.

Thanks for the video Jossie, and the hug! :slight_smile:
Beat r i am a long way away from doing it but do appreciate the helpful advice. I will stay tuned in !

I only hope I can have some time to study and be in one place long enough to begin learning. I bought a used Sequentium 328 which has blend and flash.

Jossie, I am curious when you zap the hair several times are you using a IBP ?

The hairs I have available to practise on , arms , legs are very thin and light in color. From what I understand in Michaels book in this case manual blend is best and using a regular probe.