Book for learning electrolysis

Hey, I am in search for a book… I just found out, that the book

Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis and Temporary Hair Removal: A Practice Manual and Reference Guide

and also the blend method by bono are VERY expensive to get here in germany… (around 450 and 150 Euros)

any thoughts on hinkel’s book? or any other recommendation that is around 100 ?

thanks !

Contact Michael Bono perhaps he can help you with obtaining his book but I believe his text book is irreplaceable in terms of detailed, hands on instructions on Blend method. I never read Hinkel but as I understand, Bono’s is more helpful for students.

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Mikes book is if I recall correctly $45 through Texas Electrolysis Supply and I believe they will ship anywhere in the world. I cant possibly fathom such a package costing over $100 more to ship…

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My original Blend book was 368 pages long. People complained that it was too much, too long, not specific enough and too costly. So, I split the book into two smaller books that are more targeted to the subjects. However, I also deleted several chapters, from the original, that might be interesting and/or helpful. So, I’m creating separate little booklets (from these deleted chapters) and they will be available for free on my new website. Go to “FREE MATERIALS.” There will be a LOT more free stuff in the coming months. I think the little free download booklet (blend) might be helpful to our DIYer (The technical chapters were, actually, based on the very machine he purchased.)

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Howdy Michael. I checked out your new website recently and I like how organized the topics are. I’m looking forward to see more new content and videos. Did you close your eponymous website?

Perfect :slight_smile: thanks so much, Bono. it’s a bit unfortunate that when you browse this forum a lot of times the old website of yours is indicated. took me a while to find your new one.

very helpful indeed :slight_smile:

Yes, I dumped the old website because I wanted to change it but the web designer is “long gone” and there was no getting back into it. I’m still working albeit much less post-covid. At the moment I’m going NUTS on my house and yard: fighting termites and other residential enemies. Digging, replacing boards, applying poison, painting, etc. I’m winning at the moment. And yes, termites eat redwood! One day they will win and eat me!

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No problem :slight_smile: once I found your new website it was very helpfulf for a diy beginner like myself :slight_smile:
wonderful site …
and we all hope there will be a post-covid sooner or later.
good luck for winning against tthose bugs ! grüsse aus Hamburg, Deutschland :slight_smile:

Oh my … good friend lives in Hamburg: Sabina Ruhe (Interesting name?) I’m guessing that you’re all okay in Hamburg … from the flooding?

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don’t know sabina… is she an electrologist too? :slight_smile:

thank god no flooding at all in hamburg, thanks for asking! it hit further down south. here it’s a sticky 28 Degrees heat (which I dont like :wink: )

That’s amazing! I’ll be taking my training soon in :canada: and I’m sure that I’ll be using the materials on your site.

I just took a quick glance and wonder if you’ll be uploading the English version?


The English version is more complete and, at the moment, available from Texas Electrolysis Supply for purchase. Interestingly, the German version was originally “hijacked” by a German company and instead of suing them, I just put their Deutsch copy on-line for free. Free usually beats paying? So I suppose I should “thank” them? Now, the Chinese (English) hijacked version is going to be a little more difficult to trace.

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:joy: Perfect payback!

Thanks for letting me know :+1: once I get my training done, I’ll order the book, them :+1:

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