Body Hair Two Years Post Orchiectomy

Thought I might update this. I’ve posted for years about my struggles with unwanted hair, and about the start of my transition.

I used to be very hairy, with thick brown hair all over my chest and stomach. Two years after my orchiectomy, the hair is now so fine that it can’t be seen except on close inspection. There are some long ones, but they’re now blonde and hard to notice.

The hair on my legs has thinned out a lot, and my inner thighs are now hair free. The hair on my arms is thinner, but still more in evidence than I would like. Overall, while I would make a hairy woman, for a “man” I would have very sparse hair indeed. All of my facial hair is gone via electrolysis. Oddly enough, the hair that continues to be most of a problem is that on the back of my neck, my fingers, and toes; I still have treatments on these. I’ve had some laser on my underarms, but don’t think I’ll be having any more treatments after a bad experience.

So, if you’re really hairy and just starting transition, don’t give up! I am living proof that time, hormones, and anti-androgens can work wonders.


I am currently about 16 months post-op, and have been on HRT for 2-1/2 years.

I have had laser on my face, arms and hands, plus electrolysis on my face. The hands and arms still get some hair, but it is much finer. Most of the body hair has gotten finer except for some of the upper chest area where I am getting electrolysis done.

I think it is safe to say that we find this hair quite repulsive, so getting rid of it is such a wonderful feeling.

I agree, never give up hope!