Hi everyone,

Could you see if this electrologist is well qualified and do you think she will do a good job?

this is her website
her name is Maria Gordon and I believe she is a licensed electrologist, electrologist teacher, and laser professional.

Please look at her information and help me to see if I should get electrolysis with her

Thanks so much.


this is a picture of her equipment

It’s impossible to tell whether she’s good just by the website where she’s marketing herself. You should call and ask what specific machine and which modality she uses. Then go in for a free consultation and get a sample treatment. You should make sure the hair slides out without much resistance after being zapped.

The laser machines she has are decent. But once again, just having a decent machine is not enough. The person needs to be skilled in how to use it.

Thanks! I will definetely call her and ask what machine she uses! :slight_smile:


what if the hair offers some resistance? I am talking of facial fine hair on upper cheekbones.

They shouldn’t be plucking. That’s what you’re looking for. You should find someone who figures out how to deliver just the right amount of heat and how to make good insertions so that most hairs slide out without much resistance after being zapped. Some may require a couple zaps, but should still slide out after that. If it feels like plucking that you can do at home, it probably is.