blunt/tapered hairs after shaving (looks thicker)

i have shaved hair on my legs for the first time and i am now getting regrowth. however, i can definitely say that the regrowth ‘looks’ thicker. now, i think this is because the hairs were tapered at the top and not blunt. at the moment, all i can see is blunt hairs growing and that’s because they have been shaved blunt by the razor. please could you tell me with your expert knowledge, will these blunt hairs become tapered over time, so that they look like what they did before. will the blunt hairs come out and new ones grow which have tapered ends, or will the blunt hairs eventually thin by rubbing against skin etc. and then become tapered. i think this is why some people believe that shaving makes hairs thicker when it is only because the hair has now a blunt top, which gives the appearance of thickness. is there any way to make the blunt tops thinner like they originally were. thank you

Scientific studies have proven that shaving has NO effect on hair growth or diameter.

david, please reread my post. i am aware that shaving has no effect on hair growth. i simply want to know what is the process that makes blunt ends become tapered after shaving.

when new hairs grow in that have not been cut, those hairs will be tapered.