I recently had my first treatment with an Alexandrite at 30 joules (claimed that’s the highest setting). Afterward, there was some blood in 2 spots on my face. It didn’t scab, but this was startling. Is it normal? Fortunately, I did not burn, but I wouldn’t let her get too close to my upper lip for fear of burning. I think this effected the outcome of the treatment on this area. Is it safe for her to get close to the lips??

I’m on day 6 of post-treatment. No change to report, just lots of stubble. My upper lip looks worse than before, which i thought to be impossible. I do know enough to not expect much of a result after one treatment. I just hope this gets better. What should I expect in the coming weeks between treatments?


Sounds normal to me. In a few days you will be able to shave and that will coax some of the hairs out. Most will come out in week or two.



shbeth1, do you mean a bloody spot the width of the laser beam, or a drop of blood coming out of a couple of follicles?

Some people have reported colored puddles of liquid on their skin around freckles or other pigmented skin. Was it this?


I couldn’t really tell if it was coming from the follile, but one spot was still bleeding after i got home. When i asked the practitioner about the blood, she gave me a half baked answer: it was probably from the razor when she shaved me. I didn’t buy that at all.

I read these forums fully, and was scared as a result of doing so, but never read about blood. My face felt totally raw, as if i lost a layer of skin. I didn’t leave my apt for 3 days. This is day 9 post treatment, and after shaving my upper lip this morning, i finally saw results, still a dark shadow, but hopefull all will change w/ more treatments.


You still didn’t describe the wound-- is it a pinprick, or does it look like a crescent shape or a cigarette burn? It’s hard to give much input without this information.

Do keep us posted, and I hope everything heals up quickly and completely! :smile:


The bllod was plentiful when I wiped it off. I guess, I’ll go w/ the larger wound. It actuallt didn’t scab too horribly. What is the differnce btwn a pin prick sized ‘wound’ v. cigrette burn sized?

I’m 13 days post treatment, and already have re-gained self confidence. initially, i thought i wouldn’t do it again, because i felt so miserable. Literally, and I have already said this, i felt like a layer of my face had been singed. The days of itching, the razor burn looking bumps all over a female face…i didn’t think I go through it 3, 4 more times, but if i can feel better about myself.

I honestly don’t think where I’m going is the place around, but it’s $950 for 4 sessions/ full face. Thereafter, it’ll be $118 for follow ups. Upon my consultation, I alerted the practitioner of all of the reading I had done. She asked me if they could remain in business on ‘Oak Street’ (very posh) if they did botch jobs! I was stunned, but i went ahead.

I’m resigning myself to possibly a lifetime of having to keep up w/ laser treatments. In some ways I feel so vain for doing it, alternately, i would be sill not to.


If you had blood coming from a tiny hole like you were pricked with a pin, it’s very different than if you had what looks like a cigarette burn. They are indications of different responses to treatment. If there was a lot, it may have been overtreatment or a liquefying of an area with a lot of melanin-producing cells.


Now I can accurately descibe the blood. It is like pin pricks. The practitioner thoroughly went over my upper lip, which is my (nemesis)worst hair problem. She went over it twice, and this is the most painful, as well as the chin area (closer to the bone, more pain). I left with a swelled and stiff upper lip. The swelling finally ceased after about a half an hour of ice on it. You can see little dark dried spots of blood on my upper lip, that no amount of make-up can cover up. I am the person people stared at on the train this morning, making me terribly self-concious. I just pray this works in the long run.


I just re-read your above post-- what are the reprecussions of over-tratment? Could it be just a longer healing time?


Sounds like you are definitely getting follicles damaged, but you may be getting treated at too high an energy level.

The repercussions are that you are more likely to have permanent results, but you are also more likely to get skin damage that can last a long time. You have to strike a balance to avoid overtreatment.


With limited info and not wanting to jump to conclusions, 30 joules sounds very high for an alexandrite laser (especially at the hightest setting!)for your first treatment.

You should be given an evaluation treatment and spot tested on your first treatment to determine your skin’s reactions to the laser treatment.

Was this done in a doctors office?