Blood Tests for underlying factors

What is the exact things I need to ask my doctor to check for when getting a blood test? I am going through an online blood test this time where I can click which things I want the bloodwork to test for. I have gotten bloodwork done before and everything came back fine for having no underlying factors but I didn’t know what they tested for. This time I’ll do it manually to figure it out.

So what should I test for in my bloodwork to see why no matter how many laser treatments I get I can’t see any reduction ever? BTW, I am a male middle 20’s.

Thank you all in advance, I have a appointment made for the end of the week so I would like to figure out what I need to be tested for as soon as possible!

As a 20’s male looking to remove facial hair, your money and time are better spent on electrolysis with a good operator with some speed. Many men get no satisfaction from LASER treatments on beards. It could only give you reduction in the best case anyway. Read your way around the forum.

Maybe some one else will give you some blood test factors, but blood work results are more needed for women having excess facial hair. For men, there is not much that would make hair removal more difficult than normal.

Just being a man in your twenties is reason enough to know why you’re having a hard way to go with ridding yourself of hair. Lab tests are ordered based on your symptoms. Are you having other symptoms, besides the difficulty of getting rid of the hair, that relate to your adrenal glands or your pituitary gland??? You and your physician would have to discuss and answer that question as that stuff is completely out of my realm!

In your case, I would guess that all the hair you have is simply related to your family history. Androgen production (male hormones) and having hair-follicles that are genetically sensitive to these circulating androgens is most likely the cause. Your just a man and this is what nature has designed for men.

All doctors are not equal in helping hairy people. They really aren’t trained to delve into such matters. So, you have to find some doctor that is interested in hair growth - a researcher-type would be good.

I can say as far as laboratory testing for the evaluation of hirsute women goes, the testing starts with an androgen profile. Clinically useful and readily available tests are free testosterone and dehydroepiandosterone sulfate ((DHEAS) . Had to look up the spelling on that one! There are other tests, too, that I won’t mention because they relate to hairy women.

I don’t know why laser didn’t work for you and I really am wondering what you hope to find out by testing. You’re a man and your body is behaving the way God and nature intended it to behave. Your body is probably recruiting new hair follicles as I’m writing this, being that you are so young. I wish you well.

Good luck Chuck,


It’s not actually my facial hair that I’m looking to get electrolysis, but that area is as thick as anybodys. I’m pretty sure I could beat all of you in a beard growing contest <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

No, I don’t have any symptoms of insulin resistance and too much testosterone. In fact, the one thing I remember is I actually had a lower average level of free test than most people. I am not overweight either. I am 5-10 175 with 6% body fat and work out about 5 times a week. I eat complex carbohydrates…and almost zero sugar unless it is found in dairy products. I really think the culprit of my shoulder and neck hair is from the laser. When I was 18, I only had a few lightish dark hairs, but nothing I was really worried about and then BOOM, now it is almost as thick as my beard and extends everywhere on these areas.

But there has to be a reason why laser works great on some people and not me. I am just searching to find this out. So any ideas on what I can be tested on please let me know.

Ahhhhhhh, so you had laser on your shoulder and neck areas <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif" alt="" />. Well, the story takes another twist. It appears that especially on certain areas of the body, when the area is lased for a lot or even just a few hairs, the laser heat brings out the dormant (sleeping) hair follicles. I have seen it written from laser contributers on different hair forums that you should just have those new hairs lased and that will take care of the problem. How much money and how much time to re-lase?? I don’t know.

We are still learning stuff about why people have different reactions to laser. Laser-induced hair growth seems to be reported with commonality on the hair forums I follow. I’m sure there is no lab test that can predict if this will or will not happen to you. That’s why some of us say laser is a gamble. It sounds like your hairs in this area were awakened by the laser wand and I still wonder why you think lab tests are needed.



another common factor that I’m starting to see is that a bunch of these men are also taking certain pills to help build up their bodies while working out etc (however “natural” they’re considered, they’re manufactured in a lab with other additives, so I have my concerns).