Blood Test Results..

I was looking through my old blood test results (from 2007) when I went to an endocrinologist. Everythign was within normal range except these:

Free Testosterone 1.9 (normal is .1-.85)
DHEA Sulfate 411 (normal is 65-380)
17-Hydroxypregnenolone 442 (normal is 53-357)

The endo gave me a prescription for Metformin back then which I thought was ridiculous and did not take…

Now looking back, I regret that I didnt investigate further because obviously the numbers above are alarming and signal that somethign is wrong with my adrenals no?

Would Spiro help with this?

I would recommend that you talk to your physician about this. The opinions on a message board should not be taken as medical advice…

I think that it’s really good that you are now investigating this health issue. Sounds like you are ready to take control of your health!!!

A few books you may want to take out from the library (if they still have them) or purchase in order to keep as handy references.

The Mood Cure by Julia Ross
The Diet Cure by Julia Ross
The 24 Hour Pharmacist by Suzy Cohen
Drug Muggers by Suzy Cohen (very important information about Metformin in here)
The Complete Book Of Vitamins From the Editors of Prevention Magazine

If you have not eliminated artificial sweeteners from your diet yet, do it now.