Blonde Hair and Light and Heat Laser treatment

I have hair that i want to remove or at least reduce
My 2 problem areas are under the chin area where i get 2 patches on either side of pretty coarse blonde hair. Also a bit on the neck and a bit by the side burn area.
I also have a problem with coarse blonde hair on my buttocks on that section of the bum where you sit.
The hairs are blonde to look at and only really show in the light but they feel awful. The hairs on my legs are less hairy and coarse than these areas.
I have had electrolysis on my under chin area which has helped but i found it sore, left small pits and time consuming so i kind of gave up with it. The hairs seem to be coarser again now probably as i have been plucking and epliating.
I was going to try electro again but a place that i go to for microdermabrasion has a new machine that is a combination of Light and Heat laser. I think its is LHE.
I have never had laser as it doesn’t work on blonde hairs but i was told that this new laser works on blonde hairs but it does take a bit longer and won’t get rid of the downy ones ( which i don’t care about ).
Can anyone tell me if this new machine works B4 I splash my cash. Even if it makes the hairs downy i’ll be happy I just want the coarsness to go.
Would apreciate a bit of advice

I am having hair removal with the Skin Station system, which is an IPL machine that used the LHE method. So far I have not been impressed, to be honest. When used at a setting that is comfortable, the hairs don’t get zapped properly. In order to get to a point where I feel that the hairs have been properly “done” the machine has to be turned up very high, which is extremely painful. I have been burned twice and gotten blisters. For my chest and stomach, I am seeing results. There are a few areas where there is NO hair at all, and the rest is getting finer and lighter. I am happy in this area. On the arms and other places, though, nothing. Fortunately I didn’t pay a huge amount for my treatment, or I would be very upset.

Can you tell me if you have blonde hairs.

hello eve1

Since the areas you mention are not large and are covered in what you term coarse blond hairs I would recommend you spend your efforts looking for an electrolysist. I realise you are concerned about pitting or scarring on your chin so how about getting treatments from perspective electrolysists on your buttocks and use that area as an indicator of their skill and ability to treat the hairs effectively.
I have had full body laser and even with my fair skin (Type2) and darker hair, areas that were populated with thinner or lighter colored hairs just did not respond well.
These areas did however respond to thermolysis but it takes time and commitment to achieve.