Blonde Hair and ELOS Laser

Hi there,

I have pale skin and blonde hair and I have been told that ELOS laser will work on light hair, while other lasers generally will not. Does anyone know anything about the success (or lack thereof) of ELOS on light blonde hairs?

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there are several lasers that do claim to work on light hair, but judging by at least all of these forums and consumer experiences, none of them actually do. if you are considering it, have them do a test spot to “show” you that it works before you even think about paying thounsands of dollars for the treatments.

ELOS Does work on light hair and various skin pigment colours.

I have had it work personally, though the dark hairs are killed first.


can you expand on your treatments then? you don’t provide any details and this is your only post…what areas? how many treatments? what settings? how much blond hair was removed? why would dark hair be killed first…if it works on all hair in the same way?

Yes, those are good questions. I am very interested in your responses, too. Thanks.

From the Syneron (maker of the Aurora system) website:

Treating apigmented (light colored) hair.

Here is a quote from the Aurora FAQ:

"How is the Aurora DS effective for apigmented hair?

The treatment protocol for white, red, grey, and blond hair is different than the treatment approach for dark hair. Multiple passes are required at maximum RF energy setting in order to disable these follicles. Patients may achieve noticeable reduction in the amount of apigmented hair with 8-12 treatment sessions. There is a higher non-response rate with these hair types when compared to darkly pigmented hair; approximately 3 in 10 patients may not have any reduction in blond hair. These non-responders should be identified after the 3rd treatment as evidenced by no extrusion of treated hairs by 1 month following the 3rd treatment session. Coarse white, red and grey hair seems to respond better than fine blonde peach fuzz."

From my experience the Aurora will remove some coarse white hairs. But the kill rate is not that impressive. I had to finish my chest with electrolysis. But then again, I expected that going in.

On a related note, I see Syneron has some new devices:

Syneron e-Max

The e-Max and the e-Laser combine two hair removal systems in one machine: And RF/Laser device like Comet, and RF/IPL
like the Aurora.

If the Aurora removes white or blonde hair, more power to ya’. It’s something that’s going to vary a lot from person to person I think. My practitioner did not think it was all that great at removing blonde hair.


someone just posted on another forum that they had treatments on lighter hair with ELOS laser in Canada and also had good results.