Blonde fine hair

I have alot of blonde fine hair all over my face. It really seems to be getting worse as im getting older. I’m only 25 but this deffinitly runs in my family. My mom and her sister also have this problem and it started around the same age. And yes it has gotten much worse as they got older. I don’t know what to do someone please help. I’m loosing my mind!!! Does electrolysis work on such fine hair? My mom tried it 25 years ago and it just made it worse.


Electrolysis will work very well on your fine blond hairs. As with any method of hair removal, electrolysis can not stop your system from producing new hair. Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that can permanently kill the hair that is there at the time of treatment. There are many contributing factors as to why you may be producing so much “new” hair. It can be attributed to medication, heredity and hormonal imbalances. I would start be finding a good electrologist in your area and see how treatments work for you. If you don’t see improvement you may need to seek the advice of an Endocrinologist.

As far as your Mother having treatments that made it worse, that’s not usually the case. It sounds as if there is a hormonal heredity factor here. Have either you or your mother had a blood study done?

Any way, this may all be pre mature. Start by getting some electrolysis done and see how it goes. Good luck!

if your hair are fine and blonde, they probably don’t show. then why do you want to remove them? electrolysis will probably traumatize your skin as hair are very fine and your follicles tiny. don’t touch them.


That part of this story that you are not being sensitive to is that “blonde” says that her fine, blond hair really bothers and upsets her. No one else can tell her how she should feel and what should bother her. The fact is, that if it’s upsetting to her, then she should do something about it.

Why do you say that electrolysis will probably traumatize her skin? Electrolysis done properly by a trained professional will leave her skin in beautiful condition.

The problem is that they are getting thicker and longer as time goes on. My mom and her sister both have been shaving for years. I’m trying to find a solution before I reach that point. As for my mom she said this morning that she only did electrolysis for three months and then stopped. Is this why it did not work. She also said she thought it made it worse, why would that be? Electrolysis was the first thing she ever did to the hair then after that she started shaving. This was 27 years ago.

Hello there
I have the same problem with my fine hair, in some lights it actually looks worse that darker hair. I caught myself in the mirror the other day with the sun shining on my face and I thought I looked bearded! I go into my little depression stage and feel like going to sleep for a long time <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />, but then I think ‘my appointment is next week’ so I just try and deal with it! My skin isn’t amazing after the treatment, but I’d rather have a few light marks here and there than the dreaded hair all over.
Of course, with fine hair its harder to tell where you’ve hd electrolysis done, so it might take me a few years longer which is depressing. I just try to stay positive (and busy) and look forward to other things in my life!

i have the same problem, but in addition to that i have now a lot of coarse dark hair caused by unsuccessful laser treatments. all electrologists i have been to, seem reluctant to remove ALL fine hair with electrolysis because they say it would take years. i agree that it seems impossible to clear all the area as there are thousands of tiny hair. they all suggested to remove the thicker hair with electrolysis and wax the remaining fine ones and after each epilation use an enzyme inhibitor cream which eliminates hair. i strongly doubt it that waxing+enzyme inhibitor will have any result at all, if not make the situation worse. but they swear they have had very good results and many satisfied clients. removing hair also leaves a lot of enlarged pores that are now empty, a thing i dont like at all.

No, don’t wax it off, I did that for about a year with the cream and just ended up having more hairs growing through as well as being darker in colour.
My electrologist is almost like my councillor these days, she understands what I’m going through and recommended thining the area out instead of complete clearence, which I think I’ll be able to handle.

I have hairs that stick out on my jaw line and little whiskers by the side of my mouth that stick out when you turn to the side (they annoy me the most).They are the ones I would like to clear, or the longer ones at least.
The ones on my cheeks and hair line go around the face, so they’re not too bad. I hate them just as much, but at least I can hide them under my hair.

I guess I’m ok with having a few open pores as the hair had driven me to contemplate suicide!(I’ve had councelling, so things aren’t so bad now). Every day I see that ‘shimmer’ of hair in the mirror, I just bite my tounge and pray that the next session kills a few more off!

thanks eltell for your advice - i was tempted to wax my hair, i am so very much annoyed that i cannot think of anything else, it is like living a nightmare. do you have any white heads after treatment or any scars? what method does your electrologist use for fine hair?

Eltell Your life sounds exactly like what I am going through. Some days I can’t stand it I am lost. This morning the sun hit my face in our front room and I have sooooo much hair I cry all the time about it I am an emotional reck about the whole thing. How long have you been doing electrolysis? Do you think it is working? Or does it get worse before it gets better? How many times do the have to pull the same hair before it is gone? Please let me hear any thoughts you have on this. All the opinions I can get the better I feel.

Well,when things hit rock bottom for me (I wouldn’t get out of bed) my mom arranged for my to see a dermotologist. He recommended I see an electrologist to make the situation better. I also went on the pill, which seems to have slowed things down a little.

I’ve had the electrolysis for about 7 months now, but as I have pale skin I can only go once a month. My skin did suffer with bumps and spots at first, but the more you do it the more you’re skin gets use to the proceedure. I also avoid washing the area with soap for the first 48 hours and use a mild witch hazel gel to stop any infection.Washing the area with cold water also helps a lot.

I try to drink as much water as possible and eat healthily to boost my immune system. I’ve got some open pores/red dots here and there, but they soon seem to fade and shrink with time. Some days I get so frustrated as I think it’s not happening soon enough, but then I think to myself I’d rather take my time and keep my good skin (and just die the rest of the bothering hair!). It’s taken a while, but I am starting to notice a difference, because its harder to see with light hair. I think it needs to get worse before it gets better. With blonde hair, you need to see that it’s ‘longer’ rather than darker, which is a pain in the ass!
But at the end of the day, I figure I’m not disabled or disfigured so I should be thankful for what I have.

Eltell Thankyou for responding are problems seem to be the same. How old are you? I’m 25 and live in Illinois. What kind of electrolysis are you doing? I think im going to go try shorwave tommoro and see how my skin reacts.

Hey Blonde
I’m 26 and from the UK. There are only 2 qualified professionals in my area, guess there are a few more in the States!
I use the thermolysis system (i think, lol!). My electrolgist puts a tiny needle in, then with a quick zap takes the hair away. At first its like a small pinch, but you get use to it whilst you’re talking away. I’m working on the areas to the side of my mouth and around the sides of my chin (where you can see it sticking out).Blonde hairs will take longer, as I have to do them sparingly because they are so close together, plus I don’t want to wreck my skin.

Each month she does about an hour on my face, so realisticly I’ve only been 7 times.
I’m starting to see a difference now, there aren’t so many clustered in one area and the longer ones are more prominent (which is bad, but good if you get what I mean!)
I’m planning to ‘move’ the hairs near the sides of my mouth back to the far end of my cheeks (where it’s normal to have hair). I’m not bothered about the smaller ones, but I definitely want to get rid of the longer ones that you can see (the ones which shimmer in the mirror!).

Good luck with your electrolysis, once you start seeing results you’ll never look back, it’s the best thing I’ve done to combat trouble hair and I have no regrets.
Let me know how things go and remember to use witch hazel/cold water on the area when you’re done. If you’re worried about the effects it will have on your skin, then just take your time with it like I’ve done.


Unless you are grounding yourself with a wet pad or metal electrode you are receiving thermolysis (short wave). Also, galvanic and blend usually require more time per hair than you stated.