everyone have read back on some of the previous forum pages and can’t praise you all enough for being so helpful to each other.

As said before I caused a few blisters when using one touch earlier, I 've heard that Vitamin E cream helps, is this true and should I start applying now,

Look forward to your help

Thanks K

Vitamin E interfers with blood coagulation. It heals better from the inside or on unbroken skin.


Nonetheless, I definitely wouldn’t apply weird creams. Why do people go looking for something magical to speed healing? Just protect the epilation sites from trauma, enhance circulation, and keep bacteria out with antibacterial petroleum jelly ointment.

Your advice is good and I agree whole heartedly. If you don’t believe me about the blood coagulation google it on a medical site.

The release form provided for permenant cosmetics asked about vitamin E use and said not to use it. So I reasearched it and found a reputable medical source that said it is anti coagulant. Provide information that says otherwise. I doubt it has caused anyone to bleed to death.