Blisters & small white pimples on face after laser

Yesterday I was treated with a Candela Gentlelase Long-Pulse Alexandrite laser on my face. It was 15mm at 30J (I believe that is max setting).

The pain was extortionate - it was my first time at 30J - and now a day later I have a number of small blisters on one side of my chin, and I have noticed a number of very small white pimples appearing all over my face, and my face is also quite swollen.

This was the fourth time I had my face treated, but I’ve never had this kind of reaction before. Any advice on how best to treat the blisters and the white spots? Since yesterday I have just gently washed my face and used lots of aloe vera.

And as a side note, there is only that one area on my chin that has the blisters - there are no other blisters on my face - does that mean the tech messed up a bit when she was treating that area?

Finally, does anyone with experience have any advice on the next session on my face - is this an indication that 30J is too much for my skin to take?

Are you male?

A topical antibiotic may help treat the whiteheads (if they are infectious)

Most likely. She could have overlapped too much.

You don’t need 30J if your hair is really coarse. Ask them to decrease the settings.

Yes, I am male.

I have coarse beard hair. Last session I had was at 28J and all of the hair didn’t shed - I would say 60% shed at best, with some thinning of the upper lip and chin area. But nowhere near 100% shedding.

The 30J session this time was significantly more painful than the 28J session.

How deep is your hair? When the hairs shed this time, measure their length.

You might need a larger spot size (18mm) on Alexandrite OR a YAG laser.

I agree with Mumbaigirl

I understand that using 18mm spot size would penetrate deeper, thus potentially getting some of the longer hairs which might not shed using the 15mm spot size. But would using 18mm at, say, 20J, put my face more at risk of burning/blisters than continuing with the 15mm at 30J?

Also, pain wise, how much worse is 18mm at full strength than 15mm at full strength?

Slightly more painful.

Thanks Romeo. What about risk of blistering with the 18mm at 20J versus 15mm at 30J - would the risk be any higher?

Basically I am trying to decide whether to go with 18mm at 20J, or switch to a Yag. Any advice on the pain and blistering aspects of using a Yag?

I appreciate your advice!

I think the risk would be somewhat lower with 20J/18mm.

Why don’t you have a patch test for both lasers and then decide? Pain is comparatively high with YAG but people rarely burn with it. A technician will have to be very very incompetent to burn someone who is skin type III or lower with a YAG laser.