blisters after electrolysis?

I’ve been having electrolysis done on my face for a little over 6 years now. My history is that I went to someone for a few sessions right after high school. She told me that electrolysis wasn’t working (the hair was coming back) and that I should do something else. After college, the hair had gotten MUCH worse. (We’re talking a LOT of long-ish hair.) So I went for a laser referral and they said my hair was too light, although it seems dark to me. I’ve had TONS of blood work done and they’ve never come back with any type of hormonal imbalance. Every time I see a new doctor, they do the blood tests again with the same result.

So I decided to try electrolysis again about six years ago. I found a great practitioner who used the blend method on me. We started with a high current and 1 hour appointments every two weeks for the first several years. In the last year or two I’ve become extremely sensitive to the current, and she’s had to lower it down to ‘lip current’ for even my chin/neck area.

I just moved to a new state and had my first appointment today with someone new. She’s using a newer machine and said she’s had great success on people with a lot of hair using the ‘multiplex’ method. We ended up doing a one hour appointment and didn’t get to my lip (I had been down to 45 minutes, including lip), but she cleared more of the fine, blonde hairs so I’m OK with the extended time. However, about 10 minutes after I left I noticed I had what looked like small whiteheads all over the area. After some closer inspection, they look like tiny little blisters. I’ve never had this reaction before.

Has anyone else experienced this, and should I be worried? Is this a side effect of the multiplex method?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for the best method of treatment for me? I REALLY REALLY want to be done!! I get so depressed when the hair grows in, and I find it changes my personality. I can’t even look people in the eye.

Sorry for the long post…

Hi catahoula.

I’m assuming that perhaps the epilator this practitioner is using in a higher end Apilius? If it is, Multiplex is the term used for a technique that uses slow flash in combo with microflash. You are not receiving a blend treatment, but what you are getting is still just fine.

The problem does not lie with the epilator or the mutiplex mode that was used, but rather the levels your practitioner selected were perhaps set too high, thus resulting in the blistering appearance. Also, maybe the hairs were being treated too close together.

There are some simple things you can do to help this situation. Keep the area clean and do not break the blisters because your skin will heal faster with intact blisters. If the blisters break and you see pus, just keep your skin clean by washing with a mild anti-bacterial soap 3-4 times per day.

Lastly, it’s always helpful to report this to your electrologist. It will remind him or her to always thin an area and to watch those levels of intensity.


I used to get whiteheads in some areas the morning after or about 12 hours after a treatment. My electrologist at the time told me that this happenned in moist areas like the upper lip but I also got them on my chin now and again bcs I had oily skin. I noticed after months of treatment I do not have them anymore bcs the electrolysis has dried out my skin. However, recently I stopped electrolysis for a month and started again weekly in South America and I get them now a little bit bcs my skin must be back to a more oily state. Maybe it’s whiteheads you are seeing and not blisters? In that case, I have had that and so have other people on the forum.