Blisters after Electrolysis! Please help,.

Hi Everyone,

I had a few hairs grow in after my electrolysis session and I went and shaved them. What a mistake!! I now have red, fluid filled blisters on my upper lip. I have been using Caladryl is there anything else I can do to clear this up. I have a wedding this weekend and I look terrible. Please help!

Thank You.

This sounds rather odd. How long was it between your treatment and when you shaved?

2 days…I think I ended up shaving the tiny scabs and possibly it got inflamed, now I have a cluster of blisters under my nose between my lip and nose. It has to be from the shaving as it is in the exact area that I shaved.

Are you prone to herpes? Bathe this area in a warm water and salt solution and apply some antiseptic. For the wedding consider covering with mineral makeup (powder) This will heal but not necessarilly in the timeframe you desire. Is there any possibility of posting a photograph of this, in order to get others opinions, it is an unusual situation.

Can you post a photo? It sounds like ingrown hairs.

Hi, Sorry my computer went on the fritz and I couldn’t write back. The blisters have subsided and now there are just scabs. I have had cold sores before but this didn’t seem like that at all. I am applying the caladry and it has helped to dry it up some but makeup will definatley be required to cover it up. i will be very careful not to shave that area again so soon after electorlysis.