To you pros out there:

I’m using a basic blend machine (Precision) for DIY electrolysis on my wife’s bikini area. However, something’s come up that I don’t understand:

Having studied Bono’s book, I think I understand the procedure okay: Set the RF for epilation, then add DC for units of lye for a given hair type. Then, when epilating, test the hair every couple of seconds until it comes out, following with an after treatment of about two seconds.

So here’s the question: Once the DC is added, the hair epilates in a MUCH shorter time than with just the RF. I went from 12 seconds RF to five or six seconds blend. Plus, thick white goo (lye froth, right?) begins to appear at the follicle after just a few seconds.

In other words, I can’t put the full sixty units of lye into the follicle without a really long after treatment. It’s almost like the DC is set way too high, no?

Should the blend epilation time be close to the RF only epilation time, or is it normal for it to be much shorter? It seems reasonable it would be shorter, but then the whole “units of lye” concept is violated.

Thanks in advance for your insight,



Hi Eric-- Your calculations may be based on hairs that are thicker or deeper than the ones you’re treating. The entire process is trial and error. Generally speaking, hairs in that area are fairly easy to kill, with larger bulbs and shallower roots.