blend vs home question

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Used to use the home elec kit by one touch but quit on it and decided to go with a pro.

When using the home kit salt water is used to complete the circuit.On my first visit to my electrologist he handed me a metal bar to hold on to.I was just wondering if it is necessary to be having my hand dipped in salt water before holding on to the metal bar since the blend method uses galvanic current.The treatment went well though.Hairs were sliding out nicely without any tugging.Just curious why the home kit would need salt solution and the blend wouldnt.Would the type of machine have anything to do with it?My practioner uses the Apilus SX-500


No need for salt water with pro units, although some practitioners put a little gel on the bar to improve conduction.

Since you are one of the few who bothered to find out what type of machine your electrologist is using, let me congratulate you on finding one with one of the two most comfortable, most versitile units out there!

Believe it or not, the machine you are being worked on is the factor that allows you to do such long appointments on the upper lip, and will in the end shorten the total time needed to completion.

Happy Hairlessness. :relaxed:

James In Buffalo NY