Blend settings on computerized machines

Some months ago I purchased a 2nd-hand Silhouet-Tone Blend Servo-Computer SB-8 machine. Having finally received a copy of the manual for this machine I am disappointed to find that the automatic features cannot be turned off.

I purchased Michael Bono’s book “The Blend Method” (New Edition) which teaches the classic blend method with progressive epilation. Unfortunately I cannot use this method because of the computerized system on my machine. The maximum time is 3 seconds for HF and 20 seconds for DC.

So how do I find out the intensity and time settings for blend? Does anyone know of a good book that explains settings that can be used on these computerized machines?

I’m looking at purchasing the following two books:

  1. “Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis and Temporary Hair Removal” by R.N. Richards and G.E. Meharg
  2. “Electrolysis, Thermolysis and the Blend” by Hinkel and Lind

Do either of these teach blend settings?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

No book will teach you how to make settings on the specific machine any one may have. There are just to many machines to be able to do that with. You just have to get tood at treanslating the type of treatment energy you figure you need into the way your machine takes orders.

Thanks James. Actually after posting my question I decided to brave it and try to figure it out for myself.

The intensity settings for HF on this machine are 0-30.

I started with the lowest HF setting (obviously 1 on this machine) which epilated 60-unit hairs in 6 seconds (max. 3 seconds plus another 3 seconds). My skin had small red dots which disappeared after a little over an hour.

I got up to 5 on the machine which epilated 60-unit hairs in 0.7 seconds. These small red dots on my skin lasted about 2-3 hours.

I don’t think the follicles have been overtreated. If I look really closely I can just make out faint pink blotches. The area is not sore at all - I had used Sterex’s Witch Hazel Gel immediately afterward.

I will now try DC alone before trying to blend it with HF.

I really want to use the blend method rather than just galvanic. On these 60-unit hairs, to achieve the blend at 6 seconds on the lowest HF setting I need to use 10 tenths (1 mA) of DC. So does this sound feasible?:

HF: Intensity = 1; Time = 3 seconds
DC: Intensity = 1.0 mA; Time = 3 seconds

Obviously this would have to be done twice in each follicle.

I’ll see how I get on tonight with the DC. Looks like its going to be a late night working this out.

You are doing well.

AS you can see, every person is different, and so is every machine. You want to find a setting where you only do one cycle and the hairs release.

AS you can see, a good computerized machine is really great for a home user, as it makes the likelyhood of a bad setting less likely, since you at least can start with the presets on the machine, and the setting selectors don’t leave you guestimating what you have the machine set to deliver.

I agree with James: You are doing well.

Don’t be hung up on doing one method versus another. There is no clear boundary separating flash from slow thermolysis from blend from galvanic. We started out doing classic blend and as my insertion technique improved I migrated to doing faster and faster blend. Finally I am doing blend with the both the RF and DC settings cranked up to the max. At this point the technique has migrated well away from Bono’s (Hinkel’s) classic blend method.

  • Eric