Blend or Thermolysis?

I’m setting up consultation appointments to do electrolysis, so I was just wondering from a consumer perspective, what machine have you experienced with and are you happy?

I know some that are using Thermolysis, some using Blend, others with a mix, Galvanic–I have read many posts but I am still confused with what works best…what is fastest and most effective?

Thank you!

The fastest method is thermolysis. More hairs per hour done, and so even with any reasonable hit to miss ratio, the thermolysis leads to more permanently removed hairs than blend or galvanic.

MicroFlash, and PicoFlash make it possible to treat more hairs closer together.

The fastest method is thermolysis.

Can we agree to not use the simple term “thermolysis”? It’s so confusing. Slow thermolysis is, practically speaking, a completely different method from flash. I’m sure there are slow thermolysis practitioners out there, and I’d hate for one of our hapless hirsute friends go to a slow thermo practitioner thinking that they’re getting the fastest method.

Good point Eric. The fastest method is PicoFlash thermolysis. The fastest readily available method is MicroFlash Thermolysis. Of course, even slow thermolysis is at least as fast, or faster than Blend, which is faster than Galvanic.