blend and other methods

based on the Hairfacts homepage seems like blend seems the best kind of electrolysis. and I read somewhere online that the blend method does not ever leave scars.

so I wonder why would anyone use another method if it works so well?

this question matters to me becuase though I have taken a break from having my electro I plan to start again in the fall and when I do I planned on asking my old electrologist what method she uses. and if possible going to someone who uses blend.

Never underestimate the power of incompetence. One can be scarred no matter what method is utilized if the work is done bad enough. Conversely, one can have no scarring at all in any method, if the work is done well enough.

The reason people use thermolysis is because it is faster, and if done correctly, will clear large areas, giving visual clearance in a short time, while working on permanence over the course of the remaining months.

Galvanic allows for lower current settings, that may be more comfortable to use, but will take much longer to treat each hair. Not a problem if you are working on few hairs, or have a multi probe system, and the person has prioritized their treatment in such a way that Galvanic makes sense.

Blend is a compromise between the two: effective, but maybe not as comfortable as straight galvanic. It is faster than galvanic, but slower than thermolysis.

All electrolysis is a compromise. One just has to discuss one’s priorities with one’s practitioner so that the treatment plan relects your priorities.

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