Blend again after two weeks, still no roots! Need an expert's advice.

Today I underwent another 30 min treatment with Blend on the same area (above my collarbones and towards the nape of my neck). So theese were new growing hairs that were short. But still when my practitioner treated them she showed me them and said that they don’t have roots and that she thought it was very strange because the growth phase is at least 3 weeks. Only about three of the hairs had roots, I mean that when she treated and then took out the hairs, there was a small piece of tissue at the hair ends. The others didn’t have this.
Over a month ago I treated some hairs at the side of my neck and my practitoner said that those didn’t have roots either, but those hairs have still not come back - can it bee that the treatments work although we don’t get that piece of tissue (root) at the end of every hair? Is one month and like 10 days enough to know that a hair is eliminated?

I would realy apreciate if someone knowledgable could tell my what they think about my Blend issue.

I don’t know if I qualify as ‘knowledgeable,’ but I have read in several places that hairs grow back in 6-8 weeks, so a month and 10 days might be enough to see regrowth and it might not. In my own experience, when hairs aren’t killed, they grow back weaker and, it seems to me, slower. That’s just anecdotal though-- I don’t have any quantitative evidence…

I’m not sure about the lack of roots and what that means. Hopefully a pro will answer you soon!

Like electrochick said, a month and ten days is really not enough time for a hair to grow back.

The no roots thing? Maybe insertions are not deep enough and the hair is breaking off, maybe the intensity and timing are not correct, maybe these hairs are shedders and not growers???

How long does it have to go before you can say that a hair is gone?
How can the hairs be shedders after only two weeks of growth?
I don’t know about the depth of insertions and intensities and time because I am not a professional, but my practitioner seems very knowledgable. I don’t know realy. Maybe the treatments will work despite all.

To really know that all has worked well, you will need to wait one year or three hair growth cycles to evaluate. Long before that, you should notice improving conditions, though.

I hope mr James Walker could say something about my strange case (atleast my practitoner says I’m a strange case because my hairs lack roots even after only two weeks of growth).

I would want to actually see you in person and work on your hairs before I said anything more than I already have in other post strings about your case. Speculation would not help you here, only the truth.

hehe I understand, but I live very far away. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />
But is it supposed to be root tissue at the end of treated hairs for the treatment to be effective? Is this a must?

I can’t say. Depending on what she is doing, and what your hair is like, the answer could be you should see big fat bulbs, or it could be, she is liquifying the protein mass, or it could be that she is undertreating, or overtreating. I don’t know what the deal is, and without seeing you can’t figure out what is going on.


Thankyou fot the reply mr James.
Then I think that maybe she is undertreating me, becuase when she takes out the hairs with the tweezer I can feel it and it is a pulling sensation, as if the hairs are still somewhat attached. I’m going to tell her to increase either the setting or the time next time.

But if she is liquifying the protein or overtreating me, wouldn’t the treatment still be effective and kill hairs? (Sorry for asking questions again.)
But I do not get very bad skinn reaction, only some swelling for a day and then a little redness, that’s why I say that I think she is undertreating rather that overtreating.
But I must add that the treatment really hurts in some areas, but mostly it’s not bad.