bleeding gums?

I had my first Electrolysis session on my upper lip, (male, 22) tuesday evening, they worked on it for about 45 mins, today thrusday morning its still swollen and red. im putting my tea tree oil on and my aloe. i thought the swelling would have gone down by now, i cant even smile, it hurts. but another problem i noticed this morning, which never ever happened before, is my gums on the top front bled this morning when i was brushing my teeth…has anyone heard of this before? i dont think that is normal, was i treated at too high of a setting?

I never heard or read about electrolysis on an upper lip causing gums to bleed; even with galvanic and old world metal braces which I doubt is your situation. In any event, non related to your question, 45 min. on an upper lip for a FIRST appt. is brave. Do you have any health issues that causes healing to be slow?

Call your electrologist and talk to her/him about your concerns.

In any event, its time to contact your dentist and maybe see a periadontist as if the bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease, untreated can lead to heart problems.

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I agree, your gum issue has nothing to do with your electrolysis.

You might do well to take some L-Lysine for a while to help your immune system keep things in check while you wait for your dental appointment.

All great points. I was wondering if you took pain medication before going to your appointment. Aspirin and aspirin-like products can thin the blood if too much is taken. That’s a long shot, but still a consideration. What did you do prior to treatment. Electrolysis wouldn’t cause your gums to bleed. Sounds like a coincidence related to mouth care issues such as brushing and flossing.

I think 45 minutes on your upper lip is too long, as evidenced by the swelling and pain. Ice is nice. It needs to be applied immediately after treatment and for at least 24 hours. Hold a small ice pack to the area for about 10 minutes and then take a break. Repeat this on/off proceedure several times after a treatment. Being male most likely means you have very coarse hairs close together that need more energy to treat. Hopefully, the work was scattered about and neighbor hairs were not worked on…?


Its really strange, as ive never ever ever had a problem with my teeth or gums, ive never even had a cavity before. And all of the sudden the front of my teeth after my electroloisis is so very sensitive. She did apply an anesthetic inside my mouth, which I didn’t really want but she kind of just globbed it on. I wonder if it was a reaction to that stuff? She told me she was using an insulated ballet probe and that it was safe enough to even go an hour on my upper lip. But the swelling really caught me off guard, my lip is huge, and still is. I also had a couple of small blemishes that she poped with the probe and said they would heal faster, those are now more red then they were before I started, is that even a safe thing to do? I wish she wouldn’t have done that as im scared to death of scarring.

They did in fact scatter the work, she said she would never just clear a whole area. I do have course hair, I heard her say the her setting was on number 6, and I asked her if she was using a very high setting, and she said its one she used on a lady with course chin hair just prior to me, and it was not out of this world high. Judging it, its going to take a couple weeks to heal im sure of it. ive has laser on my upper lip before and the post reaction wasn’t this bad. I started to get into this hair removal thing because I hated having a mustache and stubble all the time, now im thinking, if my reaction to electrolysis is this bad everytime, and the amount of time its going to take to clear my lip, my skin Is never going to be clear and non red, that’s even worst then stubble. I just keep questioning if im doing the right thing or not. I asked her if there was a possibility that they over treated the area and she say not at all. She was the third electrologist ive went visited in my area, I went with her because of her experience working on men. Should I ask what machine she was using, and perhaps get some feedback from you guys as to whether I should be using a lower setting? She said the hair was coming out beautifully with two zaps, she tried flash and thermolysis and found they were coming out the same.

Did you get a referral from anyone here?
Where are you from?

I never heard of an electrologist popping a pustule with the electrolysis probe. Where are you from?

Did you tell your electrologist to check out this website?
Did you contact a dentist yet?

im from Winnipeg, i got no referal from anyone here, i was just scouting all the electrologists in my area. and no i didnt contact a dentist yet, i want to talk to my electrologist first. so far my first experience not soo good:sad:

what reduction are you going for? are you just thinning hair out? if your hair is very dense coarse and dark, as most men getting this done, laser might be a good option to start. first couple treatments would give you a good reduction, after which you can decide what to do.

45 mins is pretty long on the upper lip, not to mention painful! i wouldn’t do more than 15 mins on that area.

it’s normal for gums to bleed a bit if you’re brushing hard once in a while. it doesn’t have anything to do with electrolysis. the cream that she used might though, it might especially be the cause of sensitivity on your teeth. anesthetics usually have that effect.

Hey w-guy. What kind of aanesthetic did she use? Benzocaine 20% by chance??? She should have asked your permission. I mean, maybe you are allergic to something. Did she ask about allergies to medications?

This is not what we would describe as good electrolysis healing outcome, what with the persistant swelling and redness. You would be wise(and it might make her wiser) if you go in and have her look at what she has done to your lip. If you get further electrolysis treatments, keep the time spent on your upper lip to 15 or 20 minutes. If an electrologist is really skilled and has good equipment to boot, then 30 minutes would be fine, too.

Are your gums still bleeding?


Thanks everyone. My gums weren’t so sensitive this morning, so im assuming it must have been what she put inside my mouth. My lip is still really red, not as swollen but I find the combination of tea tree oil and aloe is very drying, I cant even smile. What else can I use that wont aggravate it. im thinking I cant go through with this, I cant look like I was stung by a bee for the next year and a half while I try and clear this lip. Its just more frustrating then I thought.

tea tree oil in large quantities can be drying. aloe vera and witch hazel isn’t. I would use the latter.

The beginning of treatment is the worst it will ever be. Skin reaction is progressively less as one has fewer hairs spaced farther apart.

When I had my first treatments on my upper lip done, I had a lot of swelling and redness for several days post treatment, and then the skin peeled like I had been sunburned. However, I was sufficiently healed prior to the next treatment to maintain my schedule.

My upper lip hair is very coarse and deep, not to mention very dense in terms per hairs per sq. centimeter. My electrologist, in response to my information, has spread out her treatments a lot more and now. While I do get the usual short-term redness and swelling, I rarely need to resort to post-treatment ice packs and I’m am totally healed much prior to my next appointment.

This method does take longer to get a full clearance of a particular area, however, for sensitive areas such as the face, it is much easier to deal with in terms of aftercare and quick healing. This also produces a lot less in terms of treatment reactions and less potential for adverse conditions like scarring.

As a post-treatment regimen I like to use witch hazel in combination with a total sunscreen (SPF 35 or higher!) that is zinc-based and is not greasy.