Bleaching ...

About 1 year ago I noticed one stray hair on my chin, I plucked it, hoping that would be the only one that would bother me in my lifetime. Maybe, I was being a bit overzealous, but, I bleached the area as well. Now, there seems to be more undesireable hair. Can plucking and/or bleaching instigate hair growth?

As women age, their hormone levels can change, and a common side effect is the appearance of a few unwanted hairs, especially around the mouth and chin.

Plucking or bleaching will not increase these.

One common problem with women who seek a permanent method of hair removal is that they think it isn’t working, when in fact it is. Laser or electrolysis may have permanently treated the hair they had seen, but entirely new hairs can often generate as we age, making it seem as if we’re not making progress.

That’s one of the many reasons why hair removal is so deceptively complicated! Looks can often be deceiving, whether it’s increases or decreases of hair.

Um…I have not seen any forum on bleaching or I am just blind like always.I was wondering if any knew a homemade bleaching kit or a good bleach kit.I don’t know!!! :frowning:

The drugstore brands are fine as long as you use the carefully and aren’t taking acne medication or using chemical on your face that might interact with the bleach.

The creme bleaches tend to stay in place a little better. Sally Hansen and Jolen are both pretty good.

Yes, the cream is a safe bleaching agent, but I should warn you to only apply the cream to teh strands you want to disguise, and not to teh whole area. In other words, DO NOT CREAM YOUR SKIN! Basically, it’s safe BUT when you cream teh skin, it bleaches teh tiny hairs that you can’t even see in seconds. But the dark hair will talk about 3-4 mins. The result is good for teh hairs that you wanted to disguise. But the tiny hairs are so bright yellow or red, that it looks liek you have yellow glow all around that area, and seems to bring more attention it, than if you didn’t use it at all. The darker the top or scarf, and teh brighter your outline will glow -not good.

However, I use jolen on teh strands I intend to disguise -which works successfully, but all I need now, is some kinda cream that can stick the hairs down, so they don’t stick up, especially in summer. I’ve tried using creamy foundation, then a powdery one -but these don’t work effectively. Any suggestions?