bleaching while waiting for laser appt

(Could not find another forum to post this in, and I figure many here have at some point tried bleaching…)

Can anyone recommend a very gentle bleach for facial hair? I have tried Jolen which works okay but it always misses the bottoms of the hairs - closest to the skin - because it gets that almost foamy texture and doesn’t stick on.

I tried Sally Hansen brand once and it worked like a depilatory! Burned all the hair off!

I bought a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide but of course that is too weak to do anything to the hairs.

Any recommendations appreciated.

Don’t bleach your hair if you’re going to get laser treatments. You will hinder the effectiveness if you do so. Laser works best on dark hair.


Why would bleaching hair have any more effect on laser treatments than shaving would? They both affect only the hair above the skin, unless I am mistaken, and I would shave right before the laser treatment anyway.

From everything I’ve heard and learned, you are right, Guest103 - I’ve been told that bleaching doesn’t matter because it’s the naturally dark-pigmented hair beneath the skin’s surface that will attract the laser. The hair above the skin is usually shaved off before treatment anyway.

The only possible downside to bleaching may be that the technician can’t readily see finer hairs as easily when they’re blonde as when they’re dark, but that shouldn’t be a problem if he/she looks closely enough.

Bleaching won’t affect the effectiveness of the treatment.