bleaching non-electro areas - anyone try sun-in? what to do in summer?

Hi all,

Until the sun finally came to England I bleached the areas I’m not working on electrologically (word?). With a tan now, I’ve got some blond and some “black” arm hairs (also bleach stomach, etc…). I don’t want to bleach out the tan, really - too obvious a demarcation would result, for one…

I read somewhere online that people have used Sun-in for bleaching arm hair - it’s that spray-in, leave-in (head) hair bleach a few might remember from junior high.

Maybe a stupid question, but would it also bleach skin to the same degree as Jolen or comparable products?

I also read that others have just used straight hydrogen peroxide - would it yield the same effect as Jolen?


bleach won’t bleach out your tan. I used to do it and still do while having electrolysis treatments on my stomach and I have a pretty deep tan now. Hydrogen peroxide really doesn’t work well at all for this purpose unfortuantely. never tried sun-in. Just use the Sally Hansen bleach.