i don’t really see any posts on hair-bleaching techniques. i have middle-east/Aryan ancestry, so my skin is very light in color, and my hair is very, very dark. unfortunately, i am also a very hairy (the worst kind: dark, thick, and very numerous) person, particularly on my arms and my fingers.

it is so bad, and i am feeling very frustrated/limited with my options. i am too broke to afford electrolysis or laser hair removal for my arms; waxing would mean in-between periods where my arm hair must grow long; shaving is just a BAD idea, at least for that region; depilatories will still reveal stubble…so all i can really (almost) get away with is bleaching it.

i have been bleaching for several years now, and every time i bleach, the solution greatly irritates (not visibly, but i can feel a very, very itchy sensation) my skin. washing it off in the end is the greatest relief. i use Sally Hansen bleach for stubborn hair.

besides the irritation, it only lasts a week before it starts turning dark again from the roots upward (giving it a half-and-half look that is really strange), and even the few days the entire area DOES stay bleached, the hairs AND my skin are a bright, unnatural yellow, instead of a more subtle tone of blonde.

please help…is it just Sally Hansen that isn’t working out, or is the irritation/unsightliness common for all bleach products? are there any other more effective cover-up/removal options for arms and fingers? i am sick and tired of it!!

much appreciated,



I’ve said it many times here, there is no easy way down when it comes to disguising lots of hair, dark or blond, temporarily. You can keep up with the chase of temporary solutions or you can actively plan and get relief from permanent solutions.

There is nothing out there as far as bleach products that will lift this burden for you. Skin irritation will persist, short disguisal periods will be the norm and frustration will have a permanent home within you.

IF you truly want relief, then you really need to do some positive thinking followed by positive action toward your hair removal goal. For some people with a large area like your arms, I have personally seen good results on some candidates when a skilled practioner used a proper laser appropriately. I have a client now who had great results two years running with laser on her arms, but has seen me for the remaining diehards (hairs) that laser couldn’t touch.

I am also permanently removing hair from several clients arms with electrolysis only. We are moving very fast and it is very satisfying to see the tranformation happen. There is only a little time left before the first clearance and then we can relax over the next several months and wait to catch any hairs that haven’t cycled in yet. Meanwhile, these clients can enjoy arms that need no temporary action to remove hair because they really look finished.

The choice is yours. When people say they can’t afford laser or electrolysis, I say yes you can if you make a plan.
Figure out a way to earn or set aside money so you can go full blast when you actually start. While you are saving money, start a hunt for a practioner that works quickly and with skill. The epilator and vision equipment or tools of the trade are just as important. Figure out, through your sample treatments who your electrolysis practitioner will be while you are saving money.

I emphasize electrolysis here because it brings total permanent results. So if you don’t have the money to do both (laser first followed by electrolysis) then I would just start out with electrolysis.

Yes, you can keep racing around with Sally Hansen bleach and all it’s side effects, but you will always be at the starting gate and never at the finish line. It sounds like it will be worth your time and effort to figure out the money side of things as well as what practioner can deliver speedy, high kill results.

If you are truly sick and tired of all this, then you will move beyond the realm of spinning your wheels and move up to a higher plane that will get you results forever.


…And God knows I’ve been down that road and completely agree with dhafey; make a plan and just follow it through. Get rid of it the right way.