bleach is out for laser

second post: here’s the question:
I bleach everything…my cheeks, my belly, arms…everything…i have medium skin tone and dark hair everywhere…i’d like to get lasered but do i need to stop bleaching and start shaving to do this? I am TERRIFIED of shaving these parts, expecially my face, as i don’t want the dreaded stubble…any ideas? thanks

stop bleaching yes

It shouldn’t be a problem if you have already bleached it (the bleach probably did not affect the hair below skin level), but you should consult with the practitioner and coordinate.

The root of the hair is not effected by bleaching. The laser reduces hair by destroying the root therefore, especially with dark hair, it should be no problem at all. Go see a doctor who has strong credentials.

The bleach will not effect the laser treatment.If your hair is long you will need to get it can do this by cutting if this would be easier for you.
There want be stubbles like schaving after the treatment.You will see the hair still but if the hair was short already you cant really feel it.If it is longer it just will kind a wrinkle up and this you will feel.