Bleach didn't work for me

I tried bleaching for the first time tonight. It didn’t work :frowning: I even left it longer than it said to. I used the brand Surgi that I got from Sally’s. Does it not work on black hair or is it just me? I’m gonna cry right now. I thought it would work. I have the hardest hair on the planet to get rid of. Nothing else works. Laser, waxing, plucking, electrolysis so far, etc. I’m tired of having it look like I have acne on ever inch of body because of razor bumps. I figured if I can’t get rid of it at least I can hide it. Is there a good brand out there or should I even bother trying again? I’m just at a loss of what to do.

electrolysis should work

Hairs that have been tweezed, would be really difficult / impossible to bleach. Reapplying the bleach on a daily basis for a few days, may do the trick. Electrolysis treatment, or perhaps laser, are the only means available to you now to improve your situation. Even waxing is not very sucessful on hair which has been tweezed.

I didn’t use it on any areas that were tweezed. I tried it on a patch of my back, my feet, and my entire butt. It made some hairs somewhat lighter on my back but did nothing at all on my bum or feet.

Repeat the process and it will eventually lighten enough. A hassle, I know.

Hi gamer_chic,

I think it will be worth reading this read. It will give you an idea of how different bleach products are!

If you can get this Boots brand one, I would def give it a try. But as people mention, you do have to leave it on for longer than stated on the box. I typically do 30mins. I do my back, bum and torso and it works really effectively. If it doesn’t completely work the first time around, you can touch up the next day.

Otherwise, Jolen seemed OK. I have heard some things about Andrea but never tried it.

I agree with Stopit. Boots make, by FAR, the best bleach. I have tried them all, and none of them come close to the Boots version.

As mentioned above, I leave it on for longer (about 15 to 20 mins) and make sure that you are mixing the correct proportions of the mix. Don’t lose hope, you will be very impressed with the results once you find the right bleach.

I tried the Boots brand after using jolene. For me no comparison. I loved the ease of use with the Boots brand, the handy mixing tray and it worked, with no skin reaction. The bleach worked quickly and bleached the hair to my medium tan skin tone rather than orange!!!

I tried it on two areas of coarser facial hair, reapplied and it went lighter (dark dark brown rather than black). I left it on for 5 minutes. Will try longer next time.

Good stuff and great info guys.

It can take a while to get it right with bleach, trying different products for varying durations until you find the exact formula for your hair type.

electrolysis should work