Blade replacement

Hello. I had a question about the replacement rate for blade razors. I am a male, 21, and regularly use an electric razor first to remove beard as best as it can, then use the mach 3 razor to remove the rest until smooth.

My problem is, I only seem to get a maximum of two shaves before feeling like I need a replacement blade. By the end of the second shave with it, it is clearly noticable it’s getting old, removes hair really badly, and stings quite a bit more, leaving a lot of redness (and taking forever…) Is it normal to have to replace blades this often? I’ve spoken with people who use the same blade for a month!


actually i replace the blade every 2 - 4 weeks … even though i shave quite often , depends on when the blade get ruff… but if you use shaving cream? … it helps a lot

Blade life will vary alot from person to person. If you have a heavy beard, two shaves could be normal life.