Black Hole

It’s like Nietzsche’s reality or Steven Hawking’s cosmic Black Hole. And, we witnessed it yet again.

An overly-enthusiastic uber-questioning client bombs Hairtell and offers-up reams and reams of posts and counter-posts; all with the stated intention of “uplifting the entire profession.”

And then, like a swamp-gas poltergeist, the whole enterprise evaporates never to be seen again. Poof! Nothing got uplifted, and not a scintilla of credible/verifiable information emerged. Until, of course, the same exchange shows its “hairy face” a few months later.

The only way to win this game is not to play at all. And yet, like some malevolent addiction … we do play; and are drawn to it like moths to a flame. Right now, we need to start-up the whole permanent hyperpigmentation conversation again. I miss it!

No!!! Not that! ANYTHING but that!!
I refuse to respond if it does.

Yeah! Me too. Tired of pulling the old toupee off the ceiling!

Hi, I’ve tried to start a thread but can’t,…sorry Michael for highjacking your thread,… I have been prescribed Steroids by my doctor,low dosage (5)… Now, I’m worried about having hair regrowth, will I get regrowth from taking the steroids?.. Don’t want to have to go through the process again?

Zap, I admire your perseverins, you don’t give up…You’ve Michael worn out, and fair play to you Michael…llzap/Seana, you were just as patient…

He got ya there!

Hairy … chances are you will not have a problem. In the areas that were treated, hairs cannot “grow back” because there are no follicles to be stimulated. Worse case would be hairs develping in previously hairless areas, e.g., the sides of your back.

If you were prescribed this medication there is a pretty good reason for it. Usually the use of steroids is temporary so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Thanks, Michael.

I sincerely believe that Zapmyface has come to understand that the difference lies solely and exclusively in the HUMAN FACTOR. Neither the machine, nor the method, nor the type of needle are decisive in the final result. Now, thanks to him and his tests, we have discovered (at least I) that the strategy does not guarantee anything either.

For all this, I feel the need to apologize to Zapmyface in case my words have been able to offend you.