Black dots/hair remnants(?) on my arms after IPL-treatment.

After my first IPL treatment on my arms, almost all hairs shed but some shaved hairs that didn’t grow up or become pushed out at all but stayed in the skinn like small black dots. I thought that maybe they were hair in the resting phase who had not been burned by the laser and that they would bee burned and grow out on the second treatment. Now after the second treatment the zapped hairs have been pushed out again, but the black dots remain. I tried scraping some of them today and they are not at all in my skinn but on the surface like grown in to the top layer of the skinn. They ate just small black remnants. Is this hair remnants? Should I scrape them of or will the just fall of with time when the skinn cells at the surface dies and are replaced with new skinn? They look like newly shaved hairs and I don’t like them so much.

these are pepperspots. lots of threads about them. these are dead hairs stuck in the follicles. exfoliating and gently squeezing them out helps. also, try rubbing gently with a loofa in the shower when pores are open.

I can’t get all the pepperspots on my chest out from the skinn. Will these get pushed out when a new hair grows from the follicle?

i get a lot of these on my abdomen, they will eventually fall out, just takes a bit longer. sometimes a month or so.