Bioxet. Bioder. Another scam?

Looks like another one to me. Anyone used it?

I would say this is a scam product.

Can you imagine asking a consumer to purchase an herbal cream for $46.00, rub it on their skin after they tweeze or wax and expect permanent hair removal? They even have the nerve to imply that it works even better and faster with laser or electrolysis! Could they be making that claim because laser and electrolysis are responsible for permanent hair removal results as oppossed to their useless cream?

They sell this product worldwide. I think there is no evidence-based documentation to back this up on their website. Why isn’t it there?

I’ll end this with the the smart consumer’s battle cry,



Oh good grief!

I just had to stop reading that web site!

I don’t make a habit of saying this, but, I have a high IQ, and in order to make it through that full web page, someone like me has to leave their brain at the door! It is like watching a really bad action adventure picture. You know the kind, where the guy takes a run and jumps across a hallway shoots 100 delta force milatary men dead, and lands on the other side of the room, safe and unharmed, except perhaps a small cut from falling glass. Oh, but his hair is not mussed up at all.

There are so many problems with what is said on that site that I can only say, "If anyone buys this stuff, it would be best used on toast, in place of jam. :mad: :crazy: :whistle:

DONT EVER USE IT. i live in turkey and there is a product called Bioder, which has the same symbol, same claims, same everything. the only thing it does is to delay the growth of hair by lets say, 5-10 more days and THATS IT. the side effects… it screws up your skin that you might actually need a facelift after some months of its use. it clogs up the pores and creates acnes, whiteheads, that kind of nasty things. I never had a single acne on my face and thaks to this product, it got messed up. I am not even mentioning about the ingrown hair problems it causes too. If anyone says that it is effective, then he is lying dont believe him. ( i used it for about a year so I know)

Thank You for that report Hairy87. If you were closer, I would give you a complemetary treatment for your helping out on that one.

I forgot to mention something though, IF you have very light hair like peach fuzz, it might remove lets say %5-10 percent of it. I have hair even on my forehead. it is light and extremely thin. It just made it thinner and maybe removed some of it but it didnt do anything on thick hairs or even on normal looking hairs. so it is safeto say that it is not effective.

Hi. I’m new =] I don’t have any experience =[ I’m only a 14 yrs old girl lol
anyway I was gonna buy Bioxet, but actually idk what to do. Does it work anyway?

What are you looking to remove/achieve Elena? What are you doing now to remove the hair? Are you shaving? What razor are you using?

look forget what these people are saying ive tried it and it worked mind you i have brown hair.

in 6 months i had not 1 speck of hair after that.
look jimmy u should try it out for your self at least in a couple of months you wont worry bout animore hair and that painful waxing just like meee:)

I smell a financial interest happening here. First time poster… saying “forget what these people are saying here” , “I had not 1 speck of hair after that”.

Suppose you are right. Why isn’t the whole world using this? We all have an insane ability to communicate with each other at lightening speed and if it were such a miracle cure for hair, how come that message hasn’t gotten out. Send me the stuff and I will have it analyzed, at my expense.

Yadiii’s report has no credulity at all. Anyone who knows about hair knows that the statement made in that post is patently impossible.

I saw this product in a local pharmacy yesterday and took one of the info leaflets to read, which didn’t instill me with faith. It listed positive comments from satisfied customers hailing from Holland, Istanbul and Kars?! The leaflet itself seems to be a poor translation into English from one of these languages. Reading the comments here has confirmed my doubts and I’ll be steering clear. Next!

LOL! James…haha that could have been my words! Love it!

WOW, thanks so much for your info! I was almost tempted to buy this too. Thanks to your great info, I will not be tricked again. I am so sick of all of these scams. I was totally imagining that IF these stupid creams worked then who would go to get laser and all??? Those stupid sellers all tell me that it works too. They charge a lot for this stuff as well. Geez, how greedy can people get??

Noo!!! I use bioder for a long time n it works just fine!! My bf brought it from turkey for me, and it works really well! All Turkish girls tht I know use it… It’s s really good product n I totally recomend it!

Sorry, I had to bump this thread up.

They are now selling this stuff in Brazil. It has been approved by Anvisa (sort of our FDA) and it’s being advertised on the biggest TV channels and shows nationwide.

I urge you, please, do not buy this. Their “tests” do not matter. A few data points do not a scientific research make. This is another one of the modern day variations of snake oil. Please, do not fall for this obvious scam. They are merely trying to catch desperate men and women off guard. Disregard the posters which said this works, I promise you it WON’T.

Once again, sorry for bumping this thread up, but it’s amazing what people can get away with these days.

Edit: signed: a scientist, worried about today’s industry inexistant ethic.

Thanks PRC86, more info like this is always helpful. :slight_smile:

Anyone who wants to know the results, just ask me… I have been using it for some time now… my mom has been using it too… I use it on my eyebrows (the part tht i normally take out), on my armpits, legs, etc…


All those people saying it doesnt… its probably the competition too scared tht bioder actually works…

a close friend of mine knows the guy that came up with the formula… its all natural… but only a few people actually know how its made…

And now my father will start using another one of their products to make his hair grow back in his head… lets see how that goes, and I’ll let you guys updated…

but really
bioder works… I’m using it…
there are 2 different types though… the gel, and the cream…
the gel gets quite oily, so I would not use it on the face, only on legs and armpit… use the cream one on the face!

well well well…
have you tried it before to say it doesnt work?

it works just fine for me…

uhh… BUMMER!

In the USA there is a difference between Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals. While a Pharmaceutical must show itself to be both relatively safe and relatively effective, a cosmetic needs only to show itself to have minimal chance of lethal result of use. A cosmetic does NOT have to prove itself to be effective for what ever purpose the buyer hopes to benefit from their purchase. If this ridiculousness followed by our FDA is duplicated in the government bodies of the rest of the world (and why wouldn’t they, as the same people draft these guidelines) then one could sell Bioder as both a hair removal cream AND age defense cream, and novelty invisibility potion, and as long as no one DIES using it, no one will revoke the clearance to market.

In the US we have had many chemical burns requiring hospital visits from a product that is sometimes called “Hair Away” or “Epil Stop” and yet, they are still doing their mail order commercials 20 years later. Of course, since no one died, they can still sell the junk, even though the permanent hair removal the person purchased the stuff for is unlikely to ever happen.