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Biore Beyond Smooth Daily Facial Moisturizer is a new product from the Jergens Company. This is basically a product extension of the ingredient in their Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Lotion.

As with Naturally Smooth, they claim it “reduces the appearance of unwanted facial hair by making it softer and finer and easier to remove in just 6 weeks.”

The ingredient that does this is a small amount of sodium hydroxide, a caustic substance that can dissolve hair.

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Thanks for responding so quickly. The fact that Biore Beyond Smooth Daily Facial Moisturizer is similar to Jergens’ Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Lotion means that the former’s effectiveness like the latter is highly doubtful?

Hmmm…practical usage results would really be of assistance right now. Aren’t there independent review panels for such products? Or are these companies allowed to release their products into the wider market, based on their in-house results alone?


From my years in advertising, I can say that companies like Jergens have lawyers that know the absolute minimal requirements needed to substantiate a claim. Any claims are run through legal, and if they feel they have defensible data, they run the ad.

You’ll see a lot of weasel words in promotional claims, like “Brand X helps reduce the appearance of hair.”

These sorts of claims are much more easy to defend legally that saying “Brand X reduces hair.”

The first claim is qualitative and subjective. The second one is quantitative. A lawyer would require them to give a specific percentage of reduction before they’d let that second claim run.

Since they have the same active ingredient, you might check out this great consumer feedback on the Jergen’s Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing product:

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