Bio - What?

Greetings all. I’ve been doing reasearch on electrology so I can help my g/f.

I’m up to the equipment purchasing stage and I’m frankly hesitant to buy the one-touch. I never like purchasing cheap electronics that I expect will break in a month. I plan to be spending some time on my machine and I would prefer something more durable… for as cheap as possible.

I’ve read this forum’s other recommendations and while keeping an eye out for them I ran across a BIOMARK EP06 for $50. I don’t seem to be able to find a corporate website for Biomark. No mention of any reviews of the unit. Nada. Anybody know anything about this equipment? I’m trying to avoid being ripped off.


That is a thermolysis only unit, and therefore is not what we recommend for “Do-Each-Other” home use. A better machine to buy from this week’s Ebay list, currently at the same cost as that unit you were talking about is:

Gentronics M160

sigh I was afraid of that. I noticed there was only one dial. I deffinately want a Galv. or blend machine. You’ve all made that quite clear <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />. It comes with “the Blend Method” by Bono, too. Very confusing.

I am watching the M160 as well. I assume that’s a decent machine? I’m a little hesitant about that one simply because it doesn’t seem to come with a user’s manual.

I’m still trying to lay hands on a quality electrology textbook as well so I have a good knowledge of the subject, but every manufacturer puts bells and whistles on their product. I’ll have to look into Gentronics and see if they’re available online.

Thanks for the help.


I have an MC160 (without the air) and have found it to be very good for DIY. I got mine for $100 on eBay. I also have a manual which I could copy and send to you if the logistics can be worked out.

My only issue so far is that the manual is highly unclear about how to use the machine for pure fast flash, which it claims to do. This has not caused me any problems however, as I am sticking to the blend method. I think that if I wanted to try flash, I would get something computer controlled, and not using analog dials like the MC160. For galvanic and blend however, this machine has been great.

I hope this helps…good luck bidding…


Thank you so much ceecee!

I perused the Gentronics website and found they don’t sell the model up for auction (the MC160A). It’s probably an old model. Their new ones are all digital. Is that the same unit you have? If I do grab it from the auction, which doesn’t look like it’ll be difficult unless one of you guys starts bidding against me grin, I would really appreciate a copy of the manual. I can send you postage somehow or if you have means to scan it and email it, That’d be even better.


Don’t forget that it could be faxed as well <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />