Bikini Waxing

I have waxed on my bikini line maybe 2 or 3 times. I have gotten the handle on how to remove it, but I wonder if I could make it less painful or better.

I use Nair wax. I am not sure if it’s sugar wax, but that’s the one I use and trust that works. I have to heat it a little and roll it on my bikini and use the strips to remove it.

What I get from waxing is a little bleeding from the pores or hair follicles. It’s just a little bleeding, but I wonder if I could avoid that or is my skin too sensitive for waxing? The skin does seem thin and sensitive on that area. I do have to repeat waxing to get all the hairs out.

It is not pain-free. I don’t really expect it to be.

Also, after a few days, I notice a little bit of rash-like bumps. They don’t seem to be present the first day, but I wonder how to avoid that altogether? Should I apply Bikini Zone everyday there? I avoid it the first day because of the small bleeding that I don’t want to apply Bikini Zone for fear of irritation. If that doesn’t work, is there something else? I have used azulene oil, but it’s okay. It’s not really good at preventing bumps.

a little bleeding is normal from your bikini line because of the thickness of hairs and sensitivity of the area, as you repeat it will lesson, it just takes time.
some tricks to minimize the pain- take an analgesic about forty five mins before,
make sure you are holding the skin very tight
you said you were having to do multiple applications that should be mostly unnecessary so make sure you are applying the wax firmly so it goes all the way to the skin and press the strip firmly,down, with the nair wax it actually helps to rub it into place and pull parallel to the skin
the faster you pull the less it hurts
I dont have expierence with bikini zone but generaly I recomeend that you leave the skin alone as much as possible during the first 24hours,
For the bumps I recently read a post from ashley bush that suggested that 24-48 hours after waxing you start to use stridex pads, 2 or 3 times a day on the area
good luck next time


Thank you for your tips. It seems when I wax, a few hairs don’t come off, so I seem to need to re-wax. I’ll keep that in mind to try to do it better.