Bikini wax

I have been for 3 brazillian waxes thus far, I hope to eventually have laser and be rid all together but finances won’t allow.

I am having electrolysis for other are’s and use an epilator on legs and under arms.
My question is how long does it take for it to slow the grown down. It took about 1.5 weeks for hairs to grow in last time and I’d booked for 3 weeks between appointments, it really was quite sparse but obviously couldn’t go swimming in a costume or bikini with random hairs all be in not as black black.

I have read posts where some women say they don’t get hair back for 30 days and then go in like every 35 days for removal?
I am lazy in I don’t want to have to shave every day in any area or pluck etc… the chore hence electrolysis waxing and epilation.

How long did waxing take for you to be able to go 3 weeks without regrow. I realize I have only just started and it will take time just interested as new to waxing body hair I did my upper lip a couple of times before electrolysis.