Bikini line laser or IPL??

I have had it with my bikini line - I can’t cope with the amount of hair. Even if I shave it you can still see the hair under the skin and the lumps/bumps and ingrowns are driving me nuts! I’ve been reading loads about Laser and IPL and Electrolysis and it seems that due to the amount of hair - laser or IPL would be better. I have an olive skin colour and very black hair - the hair runs down the back of my legs!! Its awful. Please can someone give me advise on the best method to use. I live in the UK and would also appreciate some help with advice on the costs and amount of treatments required.

you need to find someone with a Yag laser for your skin tone. you should get good results if the hair is dark and coarse as it seems it is. I had the same issue as you before and am thrilled with my results. cost in the US is about $100-200 per treatment and you will need 4-6 treatments. bikini line is one of the easiest areas to treat because the hair is coarse. laser targets dark pigment and coarse hair has the most. IPLs usually take more time for similar results and don’t have as good of success rate. I would definitely go with a true laser and a Yag one for your skin type.

Thanks Lagirl,
Approximately how long do you have to wait between treatments?

about 6-8 weeks at first and about 10 later.

I have had approximately 9 treatments and did the full bikini area…I must say I am thrilled with the results and I am sure you will be as well! I am using a Lightsheer diode laser.

Before I had very dark black coarse hair and lots of it, all the way down my legs and up to the belly button. Now I have like maybe 10-20 stray hairs in one spot that they are taking care of…

enjoy the results, and be patient, it took me about 5 treatments to start seeing the hair as over 50% gone! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


I actually saw results after only 1 treatment (85% gone or so) and now after 4 treatments (GentleLASE treatments), have about 95% removed. I’m going to get my last 5th treatment soon which hopefully will be my last just to catch the few small areas with stray hairs here and there, so more of a spot treatment.