Bikini line aftercare?

Hello everyone! Long time no post!

I’ve put electrolysis on the face on hold during Summer time so I haven’t touched the area since April. Luckily it shouldn’t take me too long to clear the area under my chin and I don’t really shave the hairs off or anything. They’re long but thin.

In the meantime I’ve switched to another practicioner, who has definitely more sanitary conditions. She also works fast - she has an Apilus equipment and she has lots of experience as well. I’m doing body work with her. I’ve done part of my bikini line (since the hair doesn’t seem as coarse after 4 laser sessions there). I’m pondering on working on my underarms eventually - I’m still pondering whether another laser session on them is worth it or if I should just follow through on electrolysis.

This Saturday I’m working on my inner thighs and I have a kind of TMI question about that: is there any special care for that area? I usually apply the Cicalfate cream from Avene as an aftercare (I also have aloe gel and tea tree oil).

Thanks for any suggestions!