Bikini Laser

Hi…can anyone tell me what to expect with Laser treatment to my bikini region? I’m just starting to think about this and found the site. Hopefully there are a lot of you out there who can guide me through the process, price, realistic expectations, etc.

THANKS!! :smile:

Laser is best for dark hair and light skin.
Hair removal laser need color to get to the target wich is the follicle.It then seals the follicle of.This is done on hairs in active growing stage.(You can not see wich hairs are or are not.)You should always make sure you have a good technican this might be a doctor a electrolgist is you go for a few consultation wich most of them are free.
Do yourself a big favor and dont just go to the cheapest if you dont feel she knows what she is talking about.Always have a testspot done.
The hair needs to be schaved 2 days growth is O.K.No Sun for 2 weeks bevore tanning creams or any form of tanning .
Most of the time you will need 4-6 treatments to get the best respond,you still might have up to 20 % left on hairs wich mostly should be fine.You could go for Electrolysis at that point if the hair then still bothers you.
The treatment feels similar to a rubberband snapping on the skin.It does go very fast so its not to bad,and again the technican is a big part of how it will feel.
The Skin will be pink for a few hours to a day later.It takes 3-4 weeks for the hairs to fall out and 3-4 weeks for new hair to come back this does depend also wich bodypart.So you will have the 2.treatment then.You should see a diffrence after your first treatment with the hair barely growing at all.This will depend also wich Laser you use.This is what I get with my Candela Gentle Lase.If you would like to know more let me know.My consultation are 1 hr. long so there
is quite a bit more Info.on this.

Thank you for the information. THis is very consistent with what I have been hearing. Are you located in Northern California? THat is where I am located and looking for a tech in my region, North Bay.